Negative people

My in laws are very negative people when it comes to mental illness. They believe just coming off the meds and dealing with reality and i’ll be instantly better. My partner and i have tried to explain to them i need the medication or other wise i can’t tell what is reality and what isn’t. They think i’m just lazy even though i’ve been labeled disabled by my doctors and receive ssi. They feel you need something wrong with your body to not be able to work like diabeties, or an injury from a car accident.

Some people are uneducated when it comes to mental illness and the trauma that comes with it. If they would bother to do a little research, they would find out that there are biological factors to mental illness. It would be great if they could contact

My brother is a prime example of someone who just doesnt get it - he suffers from depression and anxiety, his wife suffers from borderline and his son has autism, anxiety, depression and god knows what else. I am supposed to understand them and be tolerant of them, but when it comes to my severe MI he could care less - some people are born blind

i have in laws like that, i call them ’ dumb and dumber '( though saying that one passed on two years ago ).
a good quote which summed up my in laws and most people like that is…
’ we are all born ignorant…but one must work hard to remain stupid ’
take care


What’s the difference between inlaws and outlaws?
Outlaws are wanted.

I think they are missing the point entirely, You make their daughter happy, she picked you, right? Then then very least they could do is appreciate that you two are happy together and not criticize you for their lack of knowledge.
It sure makes life so much harder when in-laws are difficult. The whole goal should be just to be happy.
I’m sorry you have to live with such difficult inlaws.