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Now the women joined the act. What are they doing to me? Just constant little nonsense noises. One of the best way to bother someone is just saying or making subtle noises. If you learn you can bother someone with just two words instead of big long attacks than it is much more effective. But all day, the women are being very rotten and they know it. Half the stuff I say about neighbors is dismissed but I’ve been right so many times that I have to ignore what counselors and my sisters tell me.

People make noise in apartment buildings. Maybe your neighbors are loud and annoying, but I seriously doubt they’re putting on a performance just for you. And all day no less. That’s a lot of sacrifice. People are predominantly focused on themselves.

I’m pretty sensitive to noise so it was hell for me living in an apartment building. I would get enraged and take it personally. But it wasn’t personal. People were just living their lives, however inconsiderate or inconvenient it was for me.


…and some of us have becomed (since being Dx’d), very obnoxiously noisy- and constantly
…opps, sorry if I’ve offended.
Pretty sure I haven’t offended you @77nick77,
but I have to add,
I hate being right about somethings,
especially when others constantly tell me I’m wrong,
but sometimes it helps more
to focus on making the problem be
not so much a problem for you.


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