Neighbors upstairs just said

My first and last name. Should I worry?

A lot of stomping

I hate noisy neighbors. I hope the voices stop and they stop stomping. I’m sure that’s not helping the voices.

Neighbor feuds suck. Been there, done that. It takes too much mental and physical effort.

I think I asked this before a long time ago but have you talked to your manager? Maybe your manager can mediate something between you and your neighbors so all this trouble will end.That’s part of their job.

Nobody needs or wants this situation to escalate. You want to try solving this problem before the law needs to get involved.

Are you in CA?
I have to wonder which is the bigger concern-
If the neighbors know who you are?
If I’ve lived in this same house for the last 25 years, and I don’t know any of the neighbors names, or for that matter, their faces.
How is this possible?

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Sounds like an ideal neighborhood.

It would be, only if they kept their sticky fingers off my groceries, seasonal clothes, and stopped sneaking in while we’re out- or worse, like right now I hear a screw gun(?), drill(?)…oh, did I mention the hidey hole trap doors on both sides of the fireplace?
Did I actually need to?
nah, didn’t think so.
Funny, funny, light those tools up to be the chicken shiit thieves and game playing (three year cycle naturally) and just the general, all purpose dick in the head people (?) who have cheapedbout literally every item- faucets, refrigerator, venetian blinds, convection ovens, ice maker, toilet and toilet seat (fer gosh sakes how do you ruin a toilet seat?)
oh I could continue but what the heck would that prove?
that I’m an idiot to think anyone would believe me. yeah, you’re right, I know. sorry.

She said to call the police and get a report. I’m Nov gonna do it cos the ■■■■■ is friends with them

My dad knocked o. My door to use bus pass. Got called a hoe. What can you say. I screw trees.

You think you can live with your voices?
I feel they harm you. You need a med adjustment

Yes I can. With Duane, Eugene, and madchen.

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These don’t bother you as the external “neighbors”

The ones I mentioned help me all the time. I’ve come to find out that no matter what I take it’s not going to get rid of things only some things . I realized my bf was right

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Do you have any voices?

Yes. 3 main voices: Annette, Isidore & Louisa.
Today Isidore and Louisa played the good and bad cop type of interrogation. One is good to me and the other critical. They talk about me in 3rd person. Today I also had running commentary on my actions and thoughts after months

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I keep forgetting that you have Louisa. I’ve had to yell at one voice. I realized later on hd was just trying to help me. Eugene

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I like their company, even when critical.

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Me too sometimes they make me laugh

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one of my old neighbours said through the wall that i was pathological because i smashed a plant pot against the wall when he woke me up with loud music.

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my downstairs neighbor bangs on the ceiling.