Now it's Paranoid Schizophrenia

So I went to see another pdoc who also saw my reports and diagnosed me with paranoid schizophrenia. I didn’t want to hear it but I will work on accepting it. I don’t understand why my moods went funny but it’s obviously not mania.

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as other people have experienced here - diagnoses will change and don’t matter as much as just getting good treatment for the symptoms so that you can live a better life. Keep focused on that and you’ll do well…


for what it’s worth, I have a feeling that my diagnosis is about to change. I think my doc is just itching to put a new word in my file… Schizoaffective.

It doesn’t matter if my folder says Schizoaffective or Undifferentiated Schizophrenia… my meds and my therapy have gotten me this far, and if my doc writes a new word on my folder tomorrow, my meds will still work the day after that.


If you doing illegal drugs you should try to stop. And also find some time to relax if your doing illegal drugs or not. Most times paranoia is enhanced b drugs and being worried.

i just went from paranoid sz to schizoaffective last hospital visit. maybe once they get the diagnosis right they can give me meds that work.

i used to be paranoid sz and everything else, now i’m sz with paranoia and everything else.
i think the shrink just liked the idea of moving the word ’ paranoid ’ to the other side of the word ’ sz '.
it made the shrink feel she had done something to help me, good on her…it has made all the difference !?! i just have to find the invisible snake that bit me last night, then my world is complete !!
take care

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That’s the problem. i don’t feel the treatment is good. Because I still have issues on and off and nothing has ever been done about them.

Why do you suppose everything changes so much? Is schizophrenia a disease? Isn’t disease understood under the microscope?

Hi, I think you should know there are a lot of problems people have. But if your schizophrenic you have to ask your self, why? Why are you thinking these things?

I don’t know but it’s definitely not illegal drugs, smoking or drinking.

Someone is trying to waste your time then

Sorry I didn’t quite understand.

The people in your head that are making you paranoid are doing it to waste your time. They have nothing better to do. Or maybe steal and try to write down how you respond to what they are doing to you. So they can add it to their writing career.

Also it could be something for them to laugh about. They get off on dump stuff.

well its not so bad i order thorazine off the internet with no prescription and that stuff is the best try 100 mg

I’m not even paranoid.

Do you pay for your pills?

I was under the impression that they had abandoned the subtypes in the diagnostic manual?

The DSM V does eliminate the subtypes of schizophrenia. A consensus was reached that the subtypes were confusing, difficult to apply accurately, and did little to enhance the treatment of schizophrenia symptoms.

Version V was “supposed” to be released by the APA in 2013, but current research and policy issues have delayed this.

It is tentatively scheduled to be released in 2015. Until then, the use of subtyping is still allowed.