Now I remember wanting to get married and failing to

It surely did knock the wind out of my sails.

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don’t worry, we’re in the same boat.
ahoy matey!

Wanting to get married and failing, isn’t it better than getting married and failing?

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I wanted to get married in my early 20s. I never got married though. Getting married is one thing, getting married to the right person is anither thing.


Getting married is no guarantee you’re going to being happy, for sure.

I married a Borderline Psychopath.
It ended in a very Dramatic Divorce.
Ten years of pure commotion and Chaos.
Glad that it’s over!

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I feel for ya @Wave, I spent 25 years with an undx’d man that swirled my world into the last 15 years of deepest misery.
Wouldn’t you think that would have sworn me off marriage?
Somehow I met the man that is the most compatable with my values and sense of humor, and well, gosh, this sure is fun this time.
Strange but true if you don’t give up on others.


In my opinion you don’t need another person to complete you, being married isn’t the be all and end all! :slight_smile:️ You’re perfect as you are, married or not married!


No, marriage isn’t the making one from two, at least never in my book.
It’s about two individuals joining each other to complement each other.
I was an individual before my marriage, and I’m still an individual after I’m married, him too.

The secret to a successful marriage is all in how well you both can forgive.

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I was watching a youtuber the other day who’s getting married.
the dude’s getting married before me.
lol lol lol

I’m 58, and I never got married and had kids. I like kids, but not having them gives a person a lot more freedom. Having kids brings a lot of worries with it. If they had a car you’d be worried about how they were driving. You’d have to worry about them taking drugs and alcohol. You’d have to worry about them performing dangerous stunts. They might not be grateful. There’s lots of things that can go wrong with kids.

I’ve been married and divorced, but I’m not turned off on marriage. If I ever find the right woman, and it all just feels right, I would do it again. I had thoughts of marrying my ex-gf, we were together for two years, but that would have been a disaster.

I feel like wanting to get married is putting the cart before the horse. At least for me. First I would need to find someone I would want to marry, and could live with day to day. My mental illness makes cohabiting difficult. I have loved people very deeply though, especially my first love.

I thought I found someone I might want to marry, and I’m in a relationship with him now, but now he hates me and wants me to die. It would be a pretty bad idea to marry him.

I was I in a marriage with a man I loved very much but he was controlling and emotionally abusive. It lasted 12 years. Sometimes marriage isn’t the fairy tale.
As far as now, I am on SSDI, live with my 76 year old father and I am highly delusional. I ‘live’ in a fake world where I am being controlled and monitored. That would be very, very difficult for any man to deal with. Factor that in with the fact that I am attracted to someone about once every year or two and my having a very low sex drive and well, lol, it likely ain’t gonna happen! and I don’t kid myself about that.
Nothing wrong with being single! Nothin at all. It just wasn’t in the cards for you and that’s OK. marriage isn’t the be all end all.