Noticed people have been reacting strangely to me

Everyone, people who I briefly encounter, people I know. Anyone experience similar, what do you think the cause is?

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Same thing happens to me Im not awkward anymorw but I sound very boring and it makes people uncomfortable

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People look at me with a leery eye and I look right back at them with a smile. Gets me excited.



Sometimes ya gotta make it extra special too like grin and lick your lips.



I have the issue where if I see someone looking at me, I think that they like me. Especially if they look good. Or my type at least. Makes shopping a bit hard.


This happens to me when i quit taking my med by day 3. But i don’t think they really are. I think it’s paranoia. I will hear people snickering at me. They will all be looking at me. Treating me strangely. It’s really weird.

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I get this from time to time it brief bits of paranoia, it does go away. If you make mistakes during go back and slowly try to correct them with kindness and explaining.

What was the strange reaction? What do they do? You sure it is not center of world delusion.

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that and minor paranoia

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I sense negative feelings, sometimes bemusement. No one other than my family has done anything, they just talk when I am out of the room etc.


Even normal people have these issues. Recently my sister was accusing mom of always making angry/irritated face whenever she spoke with her. My mom said well what kinds of faces do you make? Obviously they had argument.

I thought to myself I thought same way about them. There are times when we can’t understand one another. They would have thought what a dense guy. I think same way about them multiple times. There are situations where they can’t understand one another.

But I think this feeling of bemusement might be more common for us.

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