Do people look at you as though they know you're odd?

I notice it when I go shopping with my stepdaughter or granddaughter. That look that says “WTF have we got here then?” I sense I give off certain vibes.


I always feel like a total weirdo when i’m out among people.


The same thing happens with me. Sometime people give me the stare down, it makes me super uncomfortable. I just put my headphones in and turn up my music and try to pretend they are not there.

I USED to feel like I gave off a certain vibe. But now I’m confident I can pass as normal for about 30 minutes which is long enough for most interactions. After 30 minutes I dry up.

not really. If u act like u dont care then its no big deal

When I’m not in a good space I’m sure people think I’m gross. When I’m manic i show people the best deals and wave at toddlers or play peek a boo with babies. But mostly I’m just a gross scary person

I think many people treat me as if I were “special”.
I act aloof when out in public.
It’s really because of my anxiety and paranoia.

I don’t say much to others but I do remain polite.
I’ll say hi to cashiers when purchasing items but that’s about it.

I keep it short as I am not great at making small talk.


That’s how i am, too. I am polite to cashiers but i don’t really interact with others too much. I get in and get out as quickly as possible.


Me too, in and out as fast as possible.


I try to minimize the damage by dressing well and being well.groomed.

I don’t know that they look at me as odd. I just don’t feel up to par with everybody else. Because I don’t work 40 hours a week and I’m not married and single st my age. Also I just don’t feel great the way that I used to

I feel very uncomfortable around other people. They always ask why I am so quiet if they do bother to talk to me.

I think I must look like a weirdo too as something must be causing it to happen. I also try to dress well now.

I do not think people can really tell much unless they get to know me. Although I do think about people calling me out on my looks probably more severe and more often than it really is and think people are just going to react negatively somehow. There is a chance that most of it is just in my head though.

I think for the most part, I’m able to pass as relatively normal. I don’t follow fashion and my hygiene isn’t always great, so I sometimes worry people can tell, but I don’t mind

Those who know me from sight/view in my neighborhood consider me odd because I don’t have friends and I think they consider me a monk isolated in my house

When my second psychiatrist diagnosed me, I was walking in the city and thought everyone knew i am schizophrenic

No, I don’t think so

I’m in small town and lots of people know me from growing up here

it’s good to run into people

I always fear people look at me wierd

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