People get curious about us

and it’s tempting to put on a mentally ill show for them

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It is, but it probably wouldn’t be worth it. People would freak out. That’s why they’re curious - so they can have an excuse to freak out.


My family totally disinterested in my sz. Awkward place to be, im fascinated w/ my sz. Sz is all i ever think about. I cant understand anything else.

I’d be fascinated but I’m too aware that I am suffering.


My family has been treating my paranoid schizophrenia matter of factly for 36 years. I am treated respectfully and as normally asc anyone can wish.

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I like to show them what Light Speed looks like. :smiling_imp:

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My jelly bean meds are not working :frowning:

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Try licorice? …

I wonder about this too. I wonder what my neighbours think.

I keep myself to myself but my nurse visits on a regular basis. I don’t know if I come across differently. Or just the same as others.

I have noticed where I’ve moved to my previous place it seemed the local shops where I went for milk and stuff the people who worked there seemed a bit off but over time were nice to me, but maybe that was normal cause I became a regular customer.

I’m finding the same thing here. Right now where I go for milk and e liquid they seem a bit off but maybe over time the same thing will happen. So like you say is it a curious thing. Do I appear different or something

I don’t know. I’ve asked my family before multiple times. They said no.