Why so many menacing faces?

Whenever I go out people always seem to look strange. Its sort of hard to explain its not like they are glaring at me or anything but just something doesn’t seem right when I pass people on the street. I try to put on an open happy face but it still doesn’t work. And my anixety sky rockets everytime I pass someone on the street. Its like I don’t know what I should do. It feels so lonely :pensive:. Also this is off topic but have you ever actually told someone about what goes on with you when you think you trust them and then they actually start doing things to try and trigger you and make you paranoid. I’ve had that happen feels terrible. I still think it happens even if I don’t talk to people often or even let them know about anything.


as sz we percieve people are looking at us in a menacing way…it is untrue…
we see enemies where there are none.
i don’t look at people… :smiley:
it is a delusion…you are safe…they won’t hurt you.
take care :alien:

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