Not well enough for a live one

I never had any children, thank God. They are a handful. I’m not even well enough for much socializing. But it’s good to know it so that I don’t stress about not measuring up.

I also never had children because I never wanted any for some reason unknown to me. Today I know it is better that way. When I was healthy I used to socialise a lot…or rather let me say I partied and drank a lot. Maybe it my was my way to self medicate

I had my chances to have kids, I was once married for a pretty long time. I am glad I did not have kids with my ex wife - that would have been a real problem. I do not have kids

i would like children but the fear of passing on this illness is so strong. so gotta seriously weigh up the pros and cons

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I wonder what people would do given a choice to be born or not?.

I would have turned it down completely.

Be born? I’d want to get out of my mother’s body. That thought is enough to kill the want of having a child for me.

I had the feeling that I wanted kids about thirty years ago for 15 minutes. That’s it. Then the feeling wore off. I’ve never had any and I don’t want any.

True, myself as well.

I can’t deny there being a need for a few though, who in the hell could/would actually try and do this alone?

Not that most people can come up with a logical reason to with the way things work down here.

when im down i often say this i wish i hadnt been born its like the kevin teenager in me having a massive protest about life its not the way we imagined it high expectations i have good days still and i hope they find you tooxxxx

When I was 16, I ran away from home and lived with my two friends, who had two babies. I took care of them both for most of the day while my friends were at work.

And sometimes, my friends would go on vacation, and I’d stay home taking care of the babies day and night.

This went on for almost 2 years. So I got my fill of what it’s like to be a parent. That experience made me never want to have kids again.

It’s just so stressful, mentally and physically exhausting, and very expensive.

None for me, thank you!