Not used to this feeling. What is it? Abilify?

So we all know about the Physical reactions to depression, the weight dragging you down, the sluggishness, the feeling on hopelessness.

I’ve gotten the opposite at random times lately. A light and airy feeling, a warmness and almost pleasurable buzzing.

I’m trying to place this feeling, Im wondering if it’s my abilify, either a side effect, or it’s working to the point I’m actually having “Good” feelings.

Anyone relate? Any tips? Insights? I don’t know how well I can explain it. I’m having a hard time putting words to it.


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Abilify has an antidepressant effect so maybe it’s alleviating your depressive symptoms.

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Abilify made me feel like I was taking uppers when I first started it.

My pdoc put me on klonopin to combat that feeling and the anxiety/paranoia associated with it.

Sounds like what you’re experiencing is much milder.

Could be the abilify, could be that you’re just having a good day.

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Maybe. Thanks EH.

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I’ve been on them about 2 1/2 months now. They’re definitely stimulating. I can always feel them about 2 hours after I take them.

Good is weird, good feels good. :face_with_monocle:

Thanks Mr. Gable

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I was told by my brain Drs that when I get the extra energy boost and feel like euphoric and good and wanna clean house and do alot of art and can leave the cave and go walking and it’s probably mania… cause I’m also bipolar along with my schizophrenia. I get manic depressive and rage red and get manic and euphoric and it’s randomtho there are triggers for the rage… and it can flip like a switch …but maybe we aren’t experiencing the same thing?? Just sounds familiar so maybe this helps?? Maybe ask Dr about it? Sometimes when I’m in a manic high I’ll get carried away with out realizing and it gets too far and I can’t sit still and I can’t control the tics like rocking or tapping or counting… that’s why I wud talk to your Dr if you already do. Cause I didn’t use t get like that either…


Sounds like your happy :grinning:

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Good on ye, stay up, I’m on Abilify too have been for over a year. I just got restless legs and no mania but it’s different for everyone. It fades a bit over time in my experience. It helps my schiz though but I still feel a bit lower than I have in the past.


it might be from all the affirmations @Ooorgle :slightly_smiling_face:


Feel the favorable feelings before analyzing them.

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