Abilify and strange behavior

Woke up today confused.
Not feeling right.
I’m having a hard time with my thinking today.
Feeling a bit wired but my cognition and behavior is a bit peculiar today.
Seems like my schizophrenic symptoms have flared up.
Abilify did this to me in the past at higher doses but I did not expect this happening at 2mg.
If this continues I’m contacting my psychiatrist


Hope you feel better Wave.


Thanks @TheCanuk
Me too

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Could just be a bad day. I hope it lets up.

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Thanks @Natron 151515

I’m zoning out a lot today… don’t know what’s wrong with me?

maybe calling your pdoc is a good idea. try it. judy

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Seems like I’m doing better
Thanks Judy

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good to ‘hear’ wave. judy

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