Feeling blah and numb

Feeling Numb and down the opposite of how I was feeling well I am either really manic or drop like a hot potato down to really severely depressed and want everyone to stay away from me And I don’t feel like doing much of anything. I am also feeling angry frustrated annoyed emotional wreck On the verge of breaking down into tears. Not feeling so awesome right now that is over with. I am also having evil thoughts again and some paranoia in a very evil frame of mind right now if anyone says anything to me my thoughts in my mind are telling me to break their jaw with my fist or a bat mind you I wouldn’t act on these thoughts cause that would cost me jail time if I did but if I knew I could get away with murder or hurting someone the way I feel their hurting me I would in a second. Or heartbeat. I feel when I get out people are constantly staring and judging me tired of living this way and tired of life right now have been tired for awhile now just havent told anyone


Hope you start feeling better @ImprisonedSpirit1

Are you on a mood stabilizer @ImprisonedSpirit1 ?

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i hope you feel better soon!
it’s annoying switching between manic and depressed all the time.

But it’s good you realize you shouldn’t hurt anybody… it’s kinda scary that you think you would if you could get away with it.

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I don’t think so I am on Abilify10mg now taking a half of a ten in the morning and my 10mg of Abilify at night also take Lexapro20mg been on these two combos for years since I was 26 years old now 44 soon to be 45.

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Stay positive mate!

Abilify is very hard for a lot of people.

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