Not talking too much these days

I have been much quiet these days. It seems that my mouth was shut by an invisible force and I haven’t got strength to open it. I had to speak in a seminar at college and I was pretty quiet. My classmate speaked a lot during the seminar and I felt some envy. Then I tried to understand what I was feeling and realised that I need to have some effort in order to speak as she does. Maybe if I had studied more I would have made a better presentation.

My diet is not good as well. I have been eating a lot of crap. I don’t feel myself sexy or worthy to date women. I feel like crap :/.

It seems that no one likes me. I feel unloved. Maybe I’m being egotistical. I try to love other people but I can’t. It seems that I can’t be kind to them.


I’ve seen your pics; you’re attractive.


Hope you feel better soon! I feel meh myself sigh

Thank you, @Tomasina. But I don’t talk too much personally, and it makes me unattractive.

Do you have the option of working with a therapist or doctor on this? Not talking too much isn’t necessarily a bad thing, really.


Yes. I do psychotherapy every week (my last session was Monday). But I realised I get too much quiet yesterday. It seems that an invisible energy shut my mouth and I can’t express myself. My therapist is on holidays now and I don’t want to bother her.

Why not talking too much isn’t so bad? I think it means that I’m not social. In order to compensate my lack of talking, I smile to people, but it’s not the same thing as talking.

Maybe I’m comparing myself too much with other people.

It been bothering me as well that i dont talk much. i presume i dont have things that i frequently learn or like so it makes it tough to talk in general. Any effort to improve that helps i guess. Maybe talk about climate, food, work, aesthetics etc to someone who might not hurt will help ease that.


Sometimes when people talk too MUCH, they can say regrettable things.


I wish i was more quiet

I think there is a difference between being a quiet person by nature and the frustration of wanting to talk and feeling like you can’t. I had/have the latter but am improving quite a bit. Thanks to my meds, my husband, and this forum.

You have to have patience with yourself. Your voice will return. Try finding one person to practice talking with, someone who is patient and knows about your condition.


Nice post, Val! 1515151515

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Have you started therapy Val ?
How is it going so far?

I second this i have seen your photos…you are very attractive…but i also think you have to work on yourself first because you need to be able to learn to care for yourself…love yourself before you enter a relationship…well thats how i feel anyway… relationships are important but put yourself first right now… to love other people you need to be able to love yourself… i am not trying to push my opinion on you but this is what i feel works for me…

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Thank you for all the posts.

I see. How do I love myself more?

Spend time for YOU. Go dancing like you have … spend time maybe go meditation … yoga. Anything that interests you …

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Good idea! I spend too much time being on social media and I forget paying attention to myself. I already do Tai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu. Maybe I can do a relaxing activity or something that I enjoy. I think The Defenders is released on Netflix today. I want to watch it :smile:


Hey luiz sup my man …hope ur therapy goes well…:rofl:

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Thank you, @far_cry0. My therapy goes well, but I still have fear of changing it or going to another therapist.

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U can wait for her …!!! She will be back .!!!

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Being different does not make you less or more better than another person…
If you like to change something about yourself, try improving that skill … :slight_smile:

When you work on being the person you imagine to be in your mind, you will like yourself more and more :slight_smile: