Why i dont talk much?

probably i became stupid with the illness. that s what my mom is saying to me… nice parent ah? :confused: i dont have an ideas often to talk. are you like this? did it got better?

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I don’t talk much. I have a rich inner dialogue though. I feel like it’s the medications.

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astefano, you dont talk much because of the medications? me its the illness. i talk to myself in the head also…

I was very talkative before the onset of the illness, then I just got sad and talked very little. Now I’m more open again, but it took awhile.

thanks minnie,its promising. yeah,sometimes i am sad also…

I don’t talk too much or to say I don’t talk at all and when I talk I talk too much?

Sometimes I think I have small mouth — small opening

because I have evolved from older generations who talk less???

Yeah! Stupidity is a harsh word…

Inability is correct word.

Yes, it’s either the medications or depression. But my depression is getting better and I still don’t talk. I think it’s part apathy too.

yeah,youre right. it could be the apathy,i have it also… i talk but not much. and lately, i talk a lot about the illness,its boring for everyone and quite destablitating cause everbody knows already that i am ill which is not cool but i dont realise the impact of this…

I also have poor social skills and dark thoughts. I don’t want to offend people. Most of my thoughts are anti social/psychopathic.

I remember in college I pushed myself to talk. I had more confidence and motivation then. The only people I talk to is my family, friend, and pdoc. I am in php right now and don’t talk at all. I just feel people are not at my level. Not intelligence wise, but that they won’t understand my delusions and how they can be real. Also, I have limited empathy. Sometimes I feel like I fake it so there is no conflict. I feel sadistic at times.

but… if they’re delusions, they can’t be real! :no_mouth:

I call them delusions because I can’t prove them and they don’t fit in cultural norms. Most people don’t understand parallel universes, conformal cyclic cosmology, eternalism, big bounce theory, solipsism, Boltzmann brains, brain in vats, holographic principle, metaphysics, multiverse, probability theory, nothingness, existence, consciousness, quantum consciousness, quantum physics, and simulation hypothesis. I’ll admit my knowledge is limited but I have a better grasp than the average person. My memories of past lives are unscientific but true and real. Just as real as you are. There must be some scientific explanation but I don’t think it will be found in my lifetime.

Oh, I get it now. Your delusions revolve around those subjects? It must be tough, things that can’t be proven.

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Can’t be proven OR DISPROVEN. It’s tough, you’re right. They’re more philosophical and scientific than the average person.

I also have false memories about past lives.

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For me, I have the same body, sometimes different personality, same earth, same people, same events, similar events, and different events/outcomes. No rich Indian prince or grasshopper here. There’s no real “us”, just infinite copies of us existing in different universes. I think this is the basis of my déjà vu. Some say deja vu is evidence of parallel universes.

Sorry if I offend you or annoy you. But this is my schizophrenia!

You don’t offend or annoy me, its really interesting actually. Always good to know new perspectives.

You could imagine how this is driving me insane. It seems so boring! I hope my delusions/beliefs are not true and existence would end after we die. A blissful nothingness, like a good deep sleep…forever. do you feel the same?

My delusions revolve a lot over reincarnation and the infinte nature of life. I had this whole theory, I won’t go into it. Will be nice to know for sure. The time will come when I’m a crazy old woman and ready to know. For now I have no theories. Theory free.

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I am not in the mood to talk a lot to others lately.

I am becoming more antisocial - getting impatient with others.

Maybe its some depression? or apathy - just ■■■■■■■ fed up with society thats all - give me a break.

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