Finding it hard to post

Doing nothing and hardly seeing anyone often means little to say.


We’re still glad you’re here.


I’m the same way. Nothing to report either. Except I’m experimenting with the best time of day to take my meds. I’m on 7.5 mg which is sub therapeutic (therapeutic dose is 10), but is working out. And that’s about it.

Maybe boring is good. I wish I could lose a few pounds though. Well more than a few.

I’m in your situation. Sometimes I don’t know what to say to my therapist so I just rabble on about meaningless stuff.

It might be a good idea to try perhaps by sharing past ideas in your life?

but what would you say if you could?

Same here. Especially after being shut down over my experiences.

I have that problem talking to people in person, but on this site I have the gift of gab. When I talk to people in person I go rigid and start to talk in a monotone, and people start to yawn. At first that bothered me, but now I’ve grown philosophical about it.

just say something stupid like me…
hamster :hamster:
you see it works a treat.
cake :cake:
you see i did it again…lol. :smiley:
take care :alien:

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