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Usually when it comes to accepting people can do things I can’t do, I have no problem. However it’s all gone astray with this housing situation.
I have no clue how to sort things. My stepdaughter says she will handle at least 90% of it. The thing is I am thinking how will she able to do that? My brain is saying she won’t be able to because I can’t.
It’s resulting in me being ultra anxious despite her saying she will handle things and not to worry.

You can break it down into simple steps. Make sure the bill gets paid and don’t f*** up the apartment e.g. a fire.

I hope your stepdaughter is handling things for you.

Sometimes you just have to have faith and put your trust in people. My sisters helped me move a few times (and I helped them move quite a few times) and they came through with flying colors. Just talk to her and tell her your fears. Get it out in the open. Moving is not some big mysterious unfathomable project. Its a series of practical, methodical steps that people learn about from their own moves. There are common steps that most people understand.

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That is the problem. I believe wholeheartedly she’s sincere in her desire to help me, but have these massive doubts that she can.
I am struggling to accept that because I find it difficult/impossible doesn’t mean that she or anyone else will.

@firemonkey, people move all the time. It’s stressful, one of the most stressful things you can go through, but it’s not impossible.

I think you’re capable of it, and with your stepdaughter helping you, I’m positive of it. I think you should expect bumps and glitches along the way, but just remind yourself that those things will be dealt with as they come up.

Just take note of how often people move house - university students, people with new jobs, growing or shrinking families, and so on. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is a common occurance and people come through it okay.

You’ll be all right. Your family won’t let you fall through the cracks.

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I think it is the uncertainty that is getting to me. The whole issue of being able to obtain housing near my stepdaughter before this block of flats gets demolished. The fear of homelessness is very strong.
I think once I have a place my stepdaughter and grandchildren will do their best to make sure I am secure in it and that everything is set up to live there…

Here in America, it is a huge pain in the ass to get your initial housing placement. It can take months or years. But once you’ve been housed somewhere, it is relatively easy to move to a different housing situation. It is probably the same there. People who already have housing will get priority over people still waiting to be placed. They don’t want to increase their homeless population any more than you do. You should be fine.

This is from experience working in residential homes and helping people transition between homes.

There are millions pf people who can do things you can’t do. And that’s true for everybody. It’s a fact of life. Maybe there’s nothing we can say to get you over this hurdle but I would still just talk to your sister about your fears and doubts. She might be able to re-assure you that she is competent to help you. I am wondering if there is something about her personally that makes you doubt her abilities or is it just hard to trust anybody?

It is quite hard for me to trust.

That’s unfortunate. I trust my family completely. They rarely let me down.