Mind not in a good place

Fear of homelessness. Am increasingly convinced it’s going to happen. Feel so insecure.

Sending hugs from the Great White North. :heart:

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Instead of using your time to worry about homelessness worry more about finding housing. Maybe your fear will motivate you to figure out with your step-sister a place to live. Fear is a powerful motivator for me.

Always support you for home.

I haven’t got a clue. There is what is called a housing transfer but that is to a place within the council area you are currently living in. My stepdaughter wants me to move near her. The way to do this normally is via a council exchange with another council tenant. However given that that is out of the question, due to the forthcoming demolition of my block of flats, I am at a loss over it all.

My stepdaughter has talked to my council who’ve said they will do all they can to help but has not said what her council has to say on the matter.This is not something I feel capable of sorting out on my own and my stepdaughter knows this.
I don’t think my stepdaughter would purposely let me down but I am struggling to see how she will sort things.

I know I am being screwy and paranoid over this but then again if I was completely normal I’d be taking this all in my stride. I know it’s no doubt trivial compared to the crap a lot of you experience but it’s still a great cause of worry for me.

As for fear being a great motivator it might be so for some, including you, but it isn’t for me . I tend to have a dip in functioning when conditions are stressful and find it hard to think logically and rationally.

Can you just ask some one for help?

Family or if not them maybe government housing program or social support worker of some kind or group living or can you look in to getting a caravan or van or motorhome for time being.
(i could not afford one in person ) so you might not be able to afford one either .

Home less shelters.
I knew a man who had a place to live but chose to live at homeless shelter instead for some reason.
They got dinner from local restaurants and there left overs.
Good stuff he said.
He got his own room but it was a small room.
He was living on a boat for quiet some time.