There is talk of knocking down my block of flats

And 3 blocks of flats nearby. Though other options are being considered. The thought terrifies me. I don’t think I can cope with the logistics and practicalities of a move. If they do they will have to rehouse 700 or more people. In this age of social housing shortages it will be a tall order.
Ever since I got the letter I’ve been obsessing about it. One part of me knows this will affect a lot of people but another paranoiac part thinks this is being done deliberately to drive me mad.

I am scared. :fearful:

I would be so scared to. You’ve been there for a long time, you know that neighborhood.

My first reaction would be a deep fear… but after I calmed down, I might wonder if a new neighborhood would get you closer to a drop in center or other services. This might put you back in people’s mind and you might get help again.

This is a very hard situation. I do hope this works out to be a better advantage for you. It’s hard not to be scared and see the problems this could cause. But who know what the future might bring.

Have you spoken to your step- daughter about this? maybe she has some ideas too?

It’s the thought of being in a new and unfamiliar area where i could easily get lost and everyday practicalities like fitting the cooker/washing machine the other end or reassembling my bed if it has to be reassembled. I can see myself living in chaos . I would need a lot of help but help is not easy to get if no one accepts or realises you have areas of difficulty despite telling them on more than one occasion.

I completely understand that. I’m not trying to sugar coat it… It’s truly scary.

Of course I hope you don’t have to move… If for some sad reason… you do get uprooted, I do hope you get the help you need to settle in.

@firemonkey It is is amazing. You sound a lot like me! I do think that we share a lot of the same type of symptoms.
It sounds like you have a lot of anxiety/paranoia/fears I am a lot like this! I do wish you well with your situation.
I do know that it is tough, but it may end up fine in the end

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I’ve had to move four times in the past four years and yep it’s a stressful thought to have to do this. But I know what I would have done if I hadn’t had my family to help me is ask a few of the people at my clubhouse to help me. I know they think the world of me, some have even seen me outside my role as rolemodel and they still think pretty highly of me. They’d help out in a second if I was alone with having to deal with something like moving. I know they’ve helped others out with this in the past.

Is there anyone you can think of who might be willing to help you pack up and relocate when the time comes? There’s gotta be someone…


I am so sorry. Surely if they knock down your building they have to help you move right? No, I guess not. Maybe hire movers? Generally they help with everything. If it’s within budget of course. I hope it works out for you!

have u spoken to ur cpn about this? they can point u in the right direction to get the practical help ull need if it does happen. u need a floating support worker to help u. if u have a gas cooker then whoever fits it has to be corgi/gas safe registered but if it’s a housing or council place u move to u can get help with all ur practical needs through a floating support worker or ur cpn who can liase with ur landlords. this may just b a great opportunity for u firemonkey. xxx


u can also get a budgeting loan from the dwp for help with moving. xxx

Yes - I do think there are similarities though the question of psychosis is cloudy in my case. In that the psychiatrists appear to be ambivalent about it. I did have a schizoaffective mixed type diagnosis but that got changed when I came under a pdoc that was big on personality disorders and it was a culmination of years of poor relationships with pdocs and mental health workers. . One thing said in my notes at the time of the diagnostic change was that I transferred my feelings about my parents onto the pdocs etc. This of course was BS as the things that affected me with my parents were different from the things that caused a mistrust and poor relationship with the pdocs etc.
If they had said a ‘mild psychotic disorder with a personality disorder’ I could have seen that as more applicable and in fact years back 'schizophrenia with a personality disorder 'was written in my notes.
Certainly my medication, fortnightly injections of risperdal consta is primarily, though not exclusively used , for the the alleviation of psychotic symptoms.

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The last time I had what is now known as a cpn was circa 1981-2. There was a social worker involved while I was seeing the support workers as one was needed to see them as usually you had to be on a CPA to get help. Now that’s ended the social worker has gone too.
Apart from appointments every 6 months contact is fortnightly injections. According to a piece of paper I was given I am supposed to be able to discuss any issues then, but the reality ,which is trousers down jabbed and out again quickly for the next patient to be jabbed, is completely different.
As I am not acutely ill , living independently, though in a rather basic and restricted way and described as having ‘limited ability to live independently in the community’, I am not seen as a priority for help and support.

i understand that trousers down, jab and leave. that’s what i get but they always offer support if i need it. do u think u could be a bit more vocal with ur need for help with this or do u not have the confidence to do this? i think u need an advocate who can fight ur corner. google mental health advocates and see if there is one in ur area. the service is free and if u can explain to them what ur needs are, they can take over communication with the council, organize support workers and practical help for u. could ur step daughter help with this at all? xxx

Let’s Just say I am wary about it as in the past when i have sought support I was described as awkward,demanding and troublesome and pissed off the pdocs etc. Now for the most part I am scared of reigniting old antagonisms.
I was asked to fill in a form with needs and difficulties which is what got me the support worker help ,with a few strings having to be pulled, but that was time limited help. The actual people who were seeing me accepted it was an ongoing process but unfortunately their hands were tied.

Whenever they destroy a number of housing buildings they should provide for the tenants. I know that rarely happens. It’s one reason i wanted so desperately out of apartment living. I’ve been evicted before, though not for those reasons…still you are the mercy of the landlords, their rules, and the real estate industry and developers. people getting evicted when they lose their jobs and fall behind on rent, or in housing people getting evicted for being nice and letting friends or family members stay with them… I fell victim to that one when someone let me stay in their place when i needed a place…the owners just don’t care… both me and the the entire family i was staying with got evicted, all because they let other people stay there occasionally.
It really motivated me to work hard and get my own land 9 years ago. (Will be 9 years next month that i bought this land and paid it in full)

What is the reason they are going to knock it down? If its building condition then that falls on the owners for not proper upkeep and they should provide something. If its developers buying them out to build something else, they need to provide… Sometimes you and the other tenants can go to court and fight it…that’s all i can think of if you want to try and fight to stay…

I am sorry you may have to move. Besides being scary, it is a pain in the butt to pack up.
Did they give any kind of timeframe? Hoping your stepdaughter can help with details and may be able to get a team together to help move.
Maybe even help you find a new place.
Scary-but something good has to come of this

I’m sorry for you. But who knows what a change can make. It could be really good. Closer to family or something else you want to have close to you.

Try relaxing and not panic over this.

Why do they want to knock down your house? Is it too old or are they planning to build new homes there instead?

I am so sorry firemonkey. I hope you don’t have to move. If you do move, maybe you will make friends with new neighbors?

In this age of social housing shortages it will be a tall order.

so that is also a problem in you country.
here its also a problem in the eu

i wonder why…

It’s been a problem since ‘right to buy’ and the failure to replace social housing stock that was sold. Basically it meant more affluent tenants could become property owners whilst those who were poorer had to wait longer to get a place.

yeah its the same problem here.

still i wonder why, i mean there is a problem not building anything in the
real estate market. so why not build social housing.

is it too keep prices of property, artificial high?