I think the Sarcosine might be working

I just finished my second week of taking Sarcosine, and I think it might be helping me with some of the negative symptoms. I am making substantial progress in my writing. It could be the placebo effect, though.


Have you noticed any difference in the activities that you are doing? Are you getting outside more, visiting with friends, etc. Doing things you want to do?

Why is there a banner of sarcosine at the top of the page??

I didn’t get an immediate effect from sarcosine (unlike glycine) but I have noticed I am achieving a lot more domestically (hygiene, cleaning and cooking). What have you noticed?

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That is an advertiser on the site.

Yeah I want in on that. Anyone else doing well on it?

The main thing I want to do is write. I’ve started a project that might become ambitious. I intend to mow the lawn today. They pay me for it. In the past most of the time I didn’t do much.

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