Lost Sarcosine, Anyone Try glycine or L-Lysine?

I went to my friend’s house for the night and had to bring my sarcosine along. I left it outside and now it’s gone. :open_mouth:

I am all out, don’t know how that will affect me. I went to the local stores but nobody carries sarcosine. I did find L-Lysine. I asked a pharmacy tech about it and she told me she wasn’t sure if it could substitute for sarcosine or glycine.

Does anybody take glycine or l-lysine? Does it have similar effects to sarcosine?

Very sad about my sarcosine, as I had not even opened the package.

Please let me know if you have tried either L-Lysine or glycine or both, which you recommend, and the dose that you use. Thank you!!

okay, well, either way I found my sarcosine, it was inside my friend’s house.

Just wanted to mention I bought from smartpowders website and I’ll post how it is compared to brain vitaminz if I can feel any difference.

Still would like to know about glycine and l-lysine, though, so please comment if you have any experiences!

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I tried glycine and l-lysine before I tried sarcosine and neither did anything. Sarcosine converts into glycine in the brain and that’s why it helps you, unfortunately it can’t cross the blodd-brain barrrier so you have to take an absolutely massive amount for it to work, like 30-60 grams per day. You might throw up doing this! L-lysine made me feel better physically but it didn’t do anything for my symptoms, I think it stimulates release of Human Growth Hormone so it will help with your side effects. I’ve been taking sarcosine for about 6 months now and I am still seeing improvements every day, don’t give up on it! I take about 3g a day. I have tried both the smarpowders and the brainvitaminz sarcosine along with ProFrontal and the ProFrintal works the best followed by brainvitamins and then the smartpowders.

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Thanks so much! I, too, tried both brainvitaminz and smartpowders! I will definitely give profrontal a try next time!!

I appreciate your info! :sunflower:

I found my sarcosine, so I’m taking the smartpowders brand now, at 3-4 grams a day. I’m going to try profrontal as soon as I run out of smartpowders.

I won’t bother adding the L-Lysine or glycine from the local stores.