Not my self does anyone go thru this help me please

I so dont feel right as of this moment i feel very not my self. Im in school looking around feeling very uncomfortable. I so dont wanna be here right not i dont wanna be home. I dont wanna write or learn or idk do anything. Things are begining to look different right now and sound different. There is only one person that knows about my illness and that’s like my only friend in school. I wanna succeed and finish and keep going in school and not miss no time. But the way i feel right now is very uncomfortable. I want to go out side and sit there and keep smoking. I feel out of my skin at the moment. I hate it when i get like this. I feel like someone else. Like im still me but this isnt my body. Im uncomfortable in what im wearing how im feeling and where i am. I dont know what to do should i take more meds should i sit here and see what happens should i talk a walk. Should i tell my school everything thats wrong with me. Im scared to be judged i dont want them to see me different. Its bad enough they know what they know but i feel so weird. And i have no clue what to do. Writing this is all i can seem to focus on right now. When this happens and I completely lose my self i hate how people look at me or talk about me when i come back. I know im me I know i dont feel like me im confused and fading in and out. I dont know what to do someone help me please.

Are you on medication? Are you seeing a doctor? Can you see this doctor immediately or get your meds adjusted? It sounds like you are reaching a crisis situation that needs medical attention. While we can send you our best wishes, you’ll probably benefit more from talking to a doctor right now.

Good luck!


I’ve felt like this multiple times I just soldiered through it at least you don’t hear voices in school

I heard voices at school and everywhere else for that matter @Supermanslice. @Mentalnikki214 are you succeeding at school right now are you starting to fail in your classes? Considering that you can be kicked out for bad grades do you think you have anything to lose by getting help? It’s been my personal experience that most schools are less judging of students with mental illnesses than work places. Consider getting help before you lose your chance because you may not get another one.

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I ended up in a hospital meds changes still feel lost but not as filled with madness

Thinking like this gets you nowhere.
Put these thoughts in a big box with a bow, tie it up securely, then put it on a very high shelf, and tell yourself you’ll come back to work on it later.
Then forget it ever existed.

It may take a few times of repackaging it up, but eventually you’ll replace all that negative thinking with positive stuff that gets you nowhere.

If you are having problems, is better to document this with some psych care doctor before you hit age 22. The college psych care clinic is not okay to do this. I recommend you go back to psych doctor you have been using or go to county clinic near your home to get all these symptoms documented. If you need disability pay, get a disability attorney. They don’t get paid unless you are approved and it doesn’t affect your monthly pay after payments start. (You get like a back payment so really big payment when disability starts and attorney will take some of this payment. The advice of attorney for assistance to keep yourself housed/fed/medicated while applying is invaluable and so is the advice for afterlife - like working PT on disability pay.) You get disability based upon your parent’s work history if you get mental care treatment by age 22.

Whatever is stressing you may be best to just leave, especially if living away from home for college. But family can be just as bad after a while of ‘stigma’ and freaking out…Try to calm down and just relax away from the school if you want without discussing much with family. I just want you to feel safe if someone scared you. If you just don’t return contact attempts on someone who was bragging about harming people or trying to scare you, and you don’t talk about their scam any more then mental problems will improve. I guess you may have told someone off lately so the strangers will bother you. You will probably have some strangers bother you a bit back home too. If you don’t respond, it will quit in a while. Do not talk to self aloud, do not follow orders from voices… DO NOT MAKE CONTACT WITH ANYONE YOU MET THROUGH THIS GROUP AGAIN. Take a break, then try as you feel up to it and things can get better after meeting someone that gave you the creeps. May not be that great living alone or going around in public alone, two people keep this kind of crap off each other as a couple or live-in.

You might run into someone who says something private about you. Is better to talk to these a few times to see if you get ‘good ones’ or weirdos. Will be all one or the other usually…These know a lot about what is wrong in community and serve as good guide sometimes if they treat people with respect and home down employment, education is even better. These are usually ‘conditional’ people and fair weather friends so you will need to be able to support yourself. if you accept this kind of relationship. These are usually a first marriage but do drop people if they get stressed because they get mental problem symptoms or social stress.

If hearing auditory hallucinations, can keep asking the voices why you are hearing it. If told to do something goofy, I would ignore it. Some deal with the problems by stalking and harassing people but get called to do even worse like vandals and stealing. I would just refuse as this is optional unless you go to a church to ask for ‘whatever to stop’. You end up with the devil worshippers usually for going to church to get ‘healed’ and will be threatened if you try to leave and worse happens if you publicly say something is wrong with this. Will be harassed by more people, even at work, sometimes for trying the churches that tell people they can fix this problem.

If you met something wrong at college, reporting any of it to cops or campus is almost useless except with sexual assault. The courts almost discriminate against plaintiffs who file restraining orders or stalking abuse protection orders or the protection is only like a year. Is better to just get some distance and avoid anyone from that group…Is ALMOST not worth dealing with cops or courts on anything, just leave. If on mental care, sometimes the cops will really be bullies and you don’t want to take that kind of discrimination back home with you…Can get away from a bad policing situation by moving 15 minutes outside town even so there is hope if you later get noticed by the cops & threatened…Two people in a house get bothered less, females alone can REALLY be treated to a tough time sometimes if you move where you don’t know anyone.

Look up ‘disassociation’ or ‘dis-associative’…Can just start crying for no reason sometimes or feel tactile hallucinations/physical complaints that are psycho-symptomatic meaning the voices announce something uncomfortable. Works best to just plan a day and keep going if you feel bad, take a pill works too. Females can go through a roller coaster sometimes and just call it hormones…

@Csummers are you a spiritualist I am but it’s hard for me to connect with my positive spirits that will guide me in the right direction and help me blow that box up I get positive and alive and then my horror film starts to play again and I’m the only one who can see it

@Stillperkin so this was from Sep after I posted it I got in a fight got kicked out when the school should of delt with the problem before she verbally stacked me Paul Mitchell btw. I ended up going to the hospital they tweaked my meds and my doctor sent them a letter saying I was getting help but unstable which I told them they judged me I emailed one of the founders of the school and they let me back but I haven’t gone back do to my seizures and some of this madness