Not in crisis but still ill

How many of you are not cured but not in crisis either? My depot nurse was talking about if there was a need for changes of contact if things went downhill. She said it was highly unlikely I’d be in crisis,but could I think of anyone else who might need contacting in case. I said no.

I think I’m at a certain level above potential crisis level but am still seen as needing my depot. I guess I’m doing as well as can be expected short of being cured. I am not sure I can get much better. It seems I have reached my level of wellness.


I know what you mean but things still suck.

I haven’t been hospitalized in over six years. That’s really good because I used to make one or two trips per year.

None for me since 1983. Lots between 75-83.

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I’m so glad you aren’t in crisis! I still am, and it is tough!

  1. What is a depot nurse?
  2. How did you get out of crisis?
  3. What would you like to see in your life to make it considered good?
  1. A nurse who gives you your antipsychotic injection
  2. By not being acutely ill I guess . I have chronic problems especially with social interaction.
    3… The ability to interact better with people when I need to , face to face.

That line from a Harvey Danger song says it quiet well for me. " I’m not sick but I’m not well. " That pretty much encapsulates my adult life!

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You want it to look different socially?

I hear ya, I am not cured but haven’t been in crisis for over a year. I forget who said this but it applies to my life right now, “If you’re in hell, keep going.”

I’m on the verge of crisis. I can’t seem to pull myself to far away from that cliff.

I’m somewhere in the middle, too. I’m not in crisis at the moment, but i wouldn’t say i’m functioning at 100% either. I just take it day by day, take my meds and sort out my problems as they come at me. It’s all i can do.

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