Just had a visit from two members of the depot clinic

I had chosen not to go for my depot over the festive period. Does this indicate they think the depot is important I wonder ? This is the second time(the first they couldn’t get me on my mobile phone) they have responded over a missed dose.
Some/a lot of the time I think I am socially dysfunctional , not mentally ill, and question whether I should be on the med.

Are you questioning the need for taking an antipsychotic @firemonkey?
If you dont suffer from any positive symptoms or mania - I would question the need for taking an antipsychotic also

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I’m conflicted over the issue. It’s reduced to a moderate extent the paranoia, the weird thoughts are much less, the words/sentences appearing in my mind randomly with no connection to my main line of thought have gone, but still there is this debate in my head- mentally ill v socially dysfunctional?

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I don’t think being mentally ill and socially dysfunctional are mutually exclusive. In fact I believe there is a strong link between the two.

In terms of the depot I think the clinic workers chased you up because they are probably covering their own backs in case something bad happens. I think they will prob just relay to the doc the fact you missed a dose then it is up to the doc to decide what to do. I really doubt you will be given a cto - in my ecperience these are given to dangerous people.

Why not ask your doc if you could have a trial of no meds for a while. It may mean tapering off meds, which can take a while, because going cold turkey can be a recipe for disaster.

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You could very well be right.

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I went for the depot. Was asked why I hadn’t come and said I didn’t feel like it over the festive period. Tried saying to the support worker there I sometimes questioned whether I was ill and needed it but got cut short to have the jab.
While there asked about my latest blood test results which took ages because they were struggling with their passwords. Blood sugar was just within the acceptable rage at 5.6, cholesterol was moderately high at 6, but prolactin was 709 -supposed to be around 330. Told them it was up from the last time(625) which had them thinking they needed to talk to a pdoc about this . Then they decided they’d take a blood test there and then to see if it has risen any more. Usually it’s easy to take my blood but this time the second vial took ages.
To finish off had weight taken and was surprised I had not put on any weight over the festive period.
Then after getting home went for a nap as I had had a bad night.Thought I would sleep for a couple of hours but when I woke up it was midnight -12 hours later!

I want to take the supplements instead. I felt so happy when I was off Abilify for just over a week, with no symptoms. I got irritable last night, so I took it and now i feel repressed. I feel overwhelmly confused about it.

In what way do you feel repressed?

My emotions get blocked and feel more false. When I first started Abilify when I was sixteen I recall telling the doctor I couldn’t feel emotions and if that would be permanent. She said that the blunting effect was common with anti-psychotics and whether or not it was permanent she didn’t know, but that it was important to keep me sane.

Most people figure it out for themselves - if they can get along long term without meds - or settle for the imperfect alternative of meds with side effects.

That could be dangerous - could end up w/you in the hospital and the experiences that put you there.

There’s a possibility that going unmedicated for long periods will cause loss of brain tissue + function. I don’t think the verdict’s in on that. Seemed like it for me.