Not going to study business


decided I don’t want to. I want to study horticulture and work in a garden center or greenhouse or golf course or park or something along those lines.

mom will not be happy. she will want me out on my own for this. but im ok with it. I want to leave and be on my own now too. studying business would have been a mistake.


I sort of wish I never done my accounting degree. I mean I liked the college experience but I don’t enjoy number crunching. My loans have been paid since years ago but I wish I would have had the nuts to do something I would have enjoyed.

My cousin just dropped $30 plus grand for a psych degree she wished she didn’t get. I value education but I was driven by what the world wanted me to do rather than taking the time to look inward.


You got to do what interests you and what your real passion is. Makes life so much more enjoyable if you aren’t stuck in a job you hate. Good luck with your new venture, and i hope it leaves you feeling fulfilled.


No sense in doing something that you’re not gonna enjoy doing long-term. If business isn’t for you it’s no big deal. I think it’s a little strange that your mom would react this way. I would think that your happiness and well-being would be the top thing. I say follow your dream.


I owe my dad $100 now, he bet me I wouldn’t be in classes come January. I filled out a fafsa and everything but I just don’t think I want to stay here and take business classes.

I need to move, im feeling a little overwhelmed I don’t know where to begin. I guess I could call my caseworker for help, but she may keep me in her territory and it’s too rural. car dependent around here.


I know what you mean. Here it’s very rural and there’s nothing you can walk to or really even ride a bike to. You have to have a car. I am on the list for an apartment and it’s in a small town but there is more stuff there and it’s close to the freeway so i can really go anywhere in a short amount of time. I still need a car but it’s not as bad.

I think calling your caseworker is a good idea. Maybe she can help you figure out what your options are. Let her know you may want to move away from there and see what she says.


I’ve studied print journalism, free lance writing, education and civil engineering. It’s crazy. And now I’m on disability


once again im bummed to live in Indiana. Indiana has a statewide community college, ivy tech. it doesn’t offer horticulture, which means I will have to move to go school.

basically ivy tech is good for some trades, nursing, gen ed requirements, a few other things. practical studies.


I feel a little embarrassed. I told my uncle I was going to school. thankfully I didn’t tell a lot of people. it never came to fruition.


I studied mathematics up to my senior year and dropped out. I had like over 7k in loans. I ended up discharging them due to my disability. I haven’t gone back since. It’s too hard and too abstract and not relevant to getting a job. It just proves you are smart, which is nice, but an engineering degree or computer science, or even accounting is much better in my opinion. But all those are still challenging. Accounting would be the easiest.

Community college is nice but my step father said an AA is like a halfway mark sort of like getting a middle school degree. Nobody asks for your middle school degree just your high school diploma. I guess it’s the same with BA.

I think you should do the garden thing. they have stores you can work at. Get your foot in the door and get benefits.

I’ve mostly given up at school. I have too many units for the local community college to attend and I cannot drive 30-40 minutes each way to school. I get stressed out driving that far.


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