Business is not what i should be studying

im going to be studying business to please my mom, but she’s wrong about this.

people are good for nothing trouble, I will only serve them to get rich. when people give you money they think they own you or something, they complain about everything. no way could I be a manager at restaurant dealing with customer complaints. mom is wrong I don’t have the temperament for business.

I should work in vineyard or cellar and make wine. no dealing with people.

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you would make a good psych nurse

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ha thanks @karl. I’ve never considered that as a career. when I was in the hospital there was a male psych nurse that was kind of getting to me because of how frequently he would come around and ask questions. I had a hard time being patient with him, because he would ask the same things I just answered the previous day or something, but I guess every day is different. I think it would be a difficult job, there could be some difficult patients.

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