Not everyone is a music lover

Specially the classics - can sound like nonsense to some ears. I have to learn how to take a polite stand when someone ridicules my love.

Recently I have lost my love of music through hearing the same things too often. It is difficult to not sound like an old man saying that it is rare to find good new music. I think age plays a lot in it too. There are probably more important things in life than the “fuzzy warbles” after all. Show me some good new music though and I’m on it like a rash.

I tell myself that, too, that music can’t be all that important, but it sells so well. It helps with loneliness, it helps with something to work to, and it’s an aphrodisiac - lol. Only speaking of a social aphrodisiac.

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If it wasn’t for music I probably wouldn’t be here. And by that I mean it has saved my life but also maybe driven me mad and find myself on


I’m pretty eclectic in my tastes in music, but I’m not that much in to classical music. My tastes are primitive.

All music has its following. It might not be my type but if someone poured their soul into it you can tell. So i appreciate music in general but i stick to hard rock and modern metal…

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When my mother-in-law heard me playing a classical radio station she said, “Is that Chinese music?”

And as I listened through her ears I could hear what it sounded like to someone who hadn’t been exposed to it at all.


I knew someone who actually liked the sound of static and electrical noises. Never understood why though. Like this stuff

It has value as sound but im on the fence whether to call it music. But u could also argue any stimuli that is sound can be interpreted as music

I heard that Elton Johns first career choice was actually to be a plumber.

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Rocketman plumbing service. I can see it now lol

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some cadences reflect a pentatonic scale which is asian… most rock and blues use the same pentatonic scales… i myself have branched into classical scales

i find this to be music. electronic avant garde would be the genre it seems to me… i like it. it tells a story of mind scenes

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Used to have this saying on my bedroom door, not sure where it came from but it stuck with me

Without music, life is a mistake

Silence is torture for me because it allows… It’s too loud… And then I hear too clearly…

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here is a ruff draft of a song i recorded 6 months ago… ive gotta fix up the lyrics and itll be nice