If you havn't heard this before you need to

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I always wonder why people try to get other people to listen to music. Not you specifically, but I constantly have people sending me music videos and I never listen to a single one because our taste in music is so completely different. I don’t think music is that terribly important in my life. I like what I listen to and I stick with that. I’m one of those boring people who orders the same thing at a restaurant every time they go. HAha.

I am absolutely amazed at how many people in this world worship musicians, artists, and singers. It’s a diversion, a pleasant sound. To me music isn’t much more.

I’m talking people across the globe, not anyone here.

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i find sharing music is just a great way of expressing

Music and lyrics have meaning for me, though I rarely listen anymore. When I do I have to shake my head.

I completely agree. I used to be really involved with music so I would better fit in with my friends, but I found it didn’t make me happy so I stopped faking. People mention bands to me and I’m just like “I don’t know them” and I never will because I just can’t force myself to care about it.

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@carleygee <3

Djdjfjfidididjd. Had to add 15 letters.

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I am one of those people who post music videos, I like music, but I can not play any, I would like to learn to play violin, I have discovered that music is a great therapy and my music taste is quite broad, I like to listen some love music because it has a positive effect in my mind, I do not really like very dark music because I believe it pollutes my mind.

My mother used to play the violin. To be honest, modern day composers are what gets me going nowadays.

Sharing is happiness and thanks for sharing the music…:slight_smile:

I like that.


@san_pedro shared - posted a music video by Massive Attack - Teardrop - I clicked on to it and I was blown away!
Now it is one of my favorite songs - I never heard of this song before.
I think it is nice to share videos - you never know, sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised - its a form of self expression

I don’t mind… I like to find new things.

don’t like hiphop at all I mean how many words can you make rhyme with Bitch anyway LOL

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