Classical music mirrors my brain

Sometimes it’s soft and quiet and delicate, sometimes it’s wild and exciting, sometimes it’s loud and obnoxious and even violent. I’ve been listening to it all day on aol radio. How about you? Do any of you like classical music?


i listen to it with my befriendee when i volunteer, he is 86 and it is very soothing and stirring and i like it.

Beethoven makes me feel tense.

I am very much into classical. Vavaldi and Bach are two of my favorites. Music with lyrics get to be a bit much for me. It’s just more voices in my ears. So I listen to a lot of stuff with no lyrics.

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in the car we are listening to mozart and beethoven, piano and wind quintets in Eb, whatever that means!
when i was 8 i was really into all that, i was seroiusly strange !
take care

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Classical music is just about the only music I listen to. I was raised on it – my father’s collection of 78 RPM records (such as Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Shostakovich, Barber, Strivinsky) and my mother playing the piano in our tiny living room (Chopin. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven etc…) There is so much good classical music streaming on the internet that I’ve moved away from my CD collection into Mp3’s that a friend continually sends me and also some very good apps/websites like AccuRadio, Tunein, Calmradio.

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here’s a good one -

I like Beethoven, pure genius. I think I’d give my left nut to be able to play moonlight sonata 3rd movement.


Pachelbel Canon. So pretty. :heart:

Pachelbel Canon


i love classical and jazz. Only thing on the radio I listen to. I also listen to rap but not the crap that is on the radio

I admire the idea of rap but my voices start chattering over it louder and faster when it comes on. It’s just more voice versus more voice.

Rap really does my head in. It’s such a huge part of this new culture. But I can’t do it no matter how hard I try, the voices in my head use all Rap as a huge school recess bell… time to come out and play.

Aw man that is terrible. I’ve been listening to it my whole life and can’t imagine not being able to. I get really focused on the lyrics and follow it like its an instrument. Mostly underground artists whose lyrics are worthwhile. With the exception of the beastie boys and eminem. And I love the Beatles on a side note. But if you play the top 40 songs its all over. I get triggered and start to snowball. Even some of the songs that are ‘classics’ now. Isn’t it weird hearing an 80s song on an ‘oldies’ station? Where do I go to hear stuff from the 50s and 60s? Is it even on the radio anymore. I’m all over the place this morning!

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I played cello in grade school and high school…I have to be in the mood for classical but I still listen to it on Spotify…my mom adores classical and still goes to symphonies. My deal is classic rock bands from the 70’s usually. I play mostly classic rock on the guitar too…rock “takes me there” when I am feeling down…I have Vivaldi and Beethoven on Spotify, but I need more classical on there…

I do listen to some classical music - in private - since people generally seem to have low tolerance for it.
Here is a classical-music-related story/memory that makes me cringe every time I revisit:
I was in my late teens and a complete poser. I did have several random CDs with classical music that I never bothered to listen to but kept around as a proof of my - I dunno - intellectualism. My boyfriend came over and I decided to be a show-off and play some classical music for us to make love to (I guess normal choice for that time and place would be some sexy trip-hop - like - yeeeah - c’mon - but no…) So I just popped in the very first CD of classical music before giving into his embraces. And like five minutes into it all he stops and is like: Just what the hell is this nonsense?
It happened to be some march by Gershwin - just the least sexy music imaginable.
and I guess the moral of the story is - don’t be a poser…

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This song’s been playing in my head since I watched the movie “Knowing” the other day. Thought I’d share.

Thanks for sharing. Great song.

1 Like Bach - Art of the Fugue This music calms my mind.

Actually I listened to a lot of this. On my old tape I edited out the organ music, but I think it’s the same version.

Good music. Thanks for the link.