I love MUSIC


I Love it so much now and i never use to really listen to music a lot but since i got this record player i’ve just been getting higher and higher on the musical wave lol.

i just love it, my mum was deaf growing up and we didn’t really listen to music much which is a shame and my dad had a small collection of war of the worlds and stuff, he had a really good record player that played both sides without having to ‘flip the disc’ wish he still had it actually but the one i got looks great and i like watching it spin around and carefully placing the record on the turntable and puting the arm down etc.

i’m waiting on 4 brilliant albums coming, temples, jagwar ma, splashh and chvrches (the last one isnt about god tho) i have such a great collection now, favourites include, artic monkies am, franz ferdinand, ellie goulding, avicii, hurts, daft punk and more.

anyway, was wondering what kind of music you like?

my genre is in the psychedelic right now and synth music.


I didn’t know one can still by records. I thought they are a thing of the past.
Music, it depends on the mood I’m in. I have liked almost all genres. Right now, I have a new interest in opera.

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Something I like the most about myself is I still hear new songs I really like at age 43. Something about hearing a new song to me the first time I listen to it and then over and over again.

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Vinyl is making a very big comeback. There are 5 vinyl record stores in the city now and you can’t just “pick up” a turntable at the Value Village or Senior Thrift center any more. There are now Turn table repair shops and even radio shack here will sell phonograph needles.

The word is out… Vinyl is cool again. :minidisc:


i’m actually in the process of ripping my cd’s onto my computer so i can listen to all the good ones on this cloud thing on shuffle lol, i have Example, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, LMFAO, David Guetta, Jake Bugg, myloxyloto, Queens of the Stone Age, The Cure and a few more.

its just so i can listen to them anywhere as i can’t take my record player on a plane etc lol

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Records technically sound better than cd or computers. People can’t always hear the difference. So they are making a comeback. If I ever get a place I can play music loud I may get a record player.

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i was actually looking for an old jukebox i could fix up that plays 12" albums at 33rpm online but i think there are very few of them if any, it would be really good to have one of them with a remote control and various functions built in, i like to slow the record down a little sometimes as i have a speed adjuster i need to do it manually tho and its not very variable lol

so i sent an email away to a specialist place that also hires them out and i’m waiting on word back about it. ‘fingers crosses’


the cranberries are great…


I listen to single songs on youtube. I have quite a list of old + new favorites.

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I like many different music. Where I am, it is possible to buy these old records and the prices of CDs are very low, one euro a CD. I listen mostly music on Youtube. Here is an example of music I listen:


I agree, the Cranberries are a good band.

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But I thought the whole idea behind cd’s is that they sound better than vinyl? A clearer, cleaner sound.


i think cd’s are good but they don’t last as long and the sound on them isnt as good, you can’t change the speed on them either, the other thing is that cds are pretty boring i think, i like handling my records and watching them spin.


I listen to classical music and on my way-back machine I listen to The Beatles and Bob Dylan.

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The ups and downs between notes are gradual with records. With digital the ups and downs between notes are in notches.


i got my records this morning :slight_smile:

i’ve been dancing a bit (forgot how unfit i was) then my chest pain started and so i sat down and wrote about it in my diary for the doctor because she wants to know more about how it effects me and i am going for an x-ray and trace soon to check it out.

the music was amazing tho, makes you want to dance x

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I like music too, I listen it always. In the 1990s I had a good CD collection of classical and other music in America, but my former U.S. spouse stole these, but it does not matter, because now Youtube is full of music. A funny thing was that when I complained to the Georgian cops about this stealing, they said that she was allowed to do this, steal my CDs. It does not really matter now, all music is free nowadays.

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this was me dancing this morning :slight_smile:

i edited it a bit and it looks even more trippy now lol and if you put the sound right up you can here really weird music lol (slow psychedelia) i call this dance ‘hippy trippy’ haha

i probably look like an idiot haha but i dont care.


Funny I think … good video quality!

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That was pretty cool. That is more tech savvy then I am. Very nice vid.

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