Not Budgeting My $$$$$ Very Good This Year

Got another optometrist appointment Thursday afternoon. The problem is I don’t think I have enough money in my bank account to go to my appointment. :moneybag:

Are you guys any good with personal budgets or not really?

Sorry you don’t have enough money to go to your appointment. I am not very good with budgeting money. I had to take out a loan this year just to go to college–to pay for tuition, books, and other extras like printer ink and paper, etc. I only get $743.10 per month, and out of this I have to pay $300 per month in rent. That, along with cigarretes, and gas for my car, leaves me with just about nothing left over. My mom has been paying for my dental needs. And my car is making a squeaking noise as I break. I’m putting that off.

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I’m trying so hard to learn how to budget. I don’t know that much about banking, but I’m trying to learn. What will knock me down is what I call an episode of delusional spending. (When I spend money on a delusion.) I hate it when that happens. I try not to, but my brain just won’t listen to me.

I have a lot of help with the money and I do think I’m getting better. I am learning. But I have a long way to go.

I don’t spend what I don’t have. That sums up the total of my budget.


I have been using an old 2005 version of Quicken on my PC for a long time now… We don’t have any credit card debt but we get thrown by unexpected dental bills or car repairs. The nice thing about tracking on Quicken is that we have a pretty good idea if we are ahead or behind each month. If we are running behind towards the end of the month we start cutting back more.

We also use but it’s not as good at tracking cash expenses.

The other thing we do is have money taken out of our checking and put in our savings every month automatically. It may only be $50 or $100 but it comes in handy when we have a major expense. Having too much in a checking account is too tempting.

not really. i need more practice

I’m terrible at budgeting my money. I know what i want to spend my money on and what i need to spend my money on. They are two very different things but sometimes i can’t tell the difference.

when i run out of real money, i use ’ monopoly money ’ !
take care
p.s but yes i am good at budgets.

same as the darksith… i naturally picked it up from my mother.

she taught me one cardinal rule.

don’t spend money you don’t have.

1200 a month… it was a lot tighter when i was smoking weed daily… that would take up at least 200-300 a month. now it’s a lot easier.

i only pay for rent, food, phone bill, bus tickets. other stuff is miscellaneous, like if i go out, or usually food on the go…

i guess it’s better not being an addict. i don’t feel like relapsing again…


I think it’s toiletries that gobbled up my money this month. Ran out of these items all at once.

-Bulk size pack of Soap- $7.00
-Toothpaste- $2.79
-Deodorant- $3.49
-Feminine products- $7.99

  • Venus Razors - $8.99 :astonished:
  • Shaving cream
  • Shampoo $7.99 at CVS pharmacy

Frequent trips to the thrift stores probably don’t help much

I live with my parents who do all of that stuff for me. I do have a full scholarship to school, so I havent learned about finances because I dont even have student loans. It will be a while until I learn how to use a bank and pay bills and all of that crap.

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