Does anyone use cash as a budget?

I’m going to try the cash jars method of budgeting. Then use cash only for things like gas and groceries and going out etc. And when the money runs out too bad. And if they still have cash at the end of the month it gets put in the savings account.
Just wondering if anyone has tried this.


I used to do something similar. It worked for me to a degree. I did end up homeless a few times, but I never went into debt.


I keep my money in the bank and my bank only has one branch and it’s 8 hours away.

I never have cash.


I just find it harder to spend cash. I’m not sure why. I am less careful with my debit card.


What I did was log every purchase I made, and add up the totals right there. Cash or debit didn’t matter, it all went into my book.


I do. I only pay in cash for stuff, except for my monthly rent check. I go to an atm less than once a week, this month I only went twice. so what ends up happening is I’ve been buying cheap food because I don’t want to withdraw a lot of money, because I end up spending everything I withdraw.

I have a card but am not in the habit of using it anymore, because I know from my 20’s I will spend more when I use it.


We log every bit spent and what’s left and what’s coming out /due next. My hubby manages that but I have to note what I spend. We each have a little allowance to spend


I try to keep $20 on me. I get it as cash back when I go to the grocery store or pharmacy. I don’t like to pay ATM fees even though my bank reimburses up to $10 per month in ATM fees.

The max cash I can get out of the ATM is $500 per day so if I want more than that it would take several days to get although I can use my wife’s card too and we can get $1000 in a day.

But if I want to buy something expensive and the people won’t take a check or a card I can call my bank to wire the money and it will be in their account before I hang up the phone. I bought a car off of eBay and did that and I told the guy I wired it and he said I know I already got it.


I heard recently that you if you always pay cash to keep a $50 or $100 bill in your wallet all the time.

Reason being: your less likely to spend money if you know you have to break a large bill.

I’m thinking about Tying it.


If ive got cash - ill spend it. All my transactions are on the debit card. My bank rounds up the amount and puts it in a savings account, even if its 50p. Saved about 60 quid so far this way - then i post it to my daughter.

(plus its easier to lie, and say you got no money in your wallet - when the scroungers come knocking to borrow money)


I have a spreadsheet with all my outgoings on it, and I only spend the money that I have left after putting some into savings.

I update it once a week, and I know exactly how much disposable income I have as it’s all there.

It has served me well.

I rarely use cash


I’m so thankful for you guys! Great ideas!

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