Not allowed to talk about them

I’m not allowed to talk about the voices. I saw my pdoc today. I couldn’t tell her everything. Voices yelled NOOOOO! In my ears. I said my head went blank when she asked what voices say. Maybe I could email her. Later. I got a new appt in january. I don’t have her mail address. I will see my shrink in a month too. Maybe I get a new chance to talk about it then.

Don’t listen to the voices in your head, Comatose, they are just ridiculous and ill. But you can be reserved when seeing a pdoc, it’s your right.


Write it down and hand it to her at your next appointment. Or email is a great idea!


I’ll write it down. I have a couple of weeks before I see my psychologist. I will write, delete in panic, write again, get paranoid someone might read it and delete it again. I’ve tried before. But this time I won’t delete it. I’ll write her a letter. And hand it to her when I see her. After that there is no turning back. Maybe my voices will settle when I expose them. I hope.


I’m sorry your voices are getting in the way of you talking to her. I’m sure they have their reasons however you are the important one and you can do this! I would try calling her office and asking for her email address. Sometimes the longer we put things off the harder it can be to do it. Our own self-doubt gets in the way.