Pdoc tomorrow. Nervous already

I will se my pdoc tomorrow. I have decided to show her the letter I wrote to her. But I have anxiety. I almost throw up. I must let her know about my voices. But it’s so hard. I need streangth to manage tomorrow. Maybe it is good to be nervous, but I wish I could be without this anxiety.


Or ask someone to accompany you. Let him or her to inform the doctor about the voices on your behalf?


Remember to breathe, It helps with the anxiety. if you haven’t look into the breathing exercise for anxiety on the net. But mostly it’s breath in slowly for a few seconds, hold for a few seconds and breath out slowly for a few seconds. Best of luck.


I think @Plumber’s suggestion to bring along someone else may help. Not only can they help ease the anxiety, but they can also point out things you may have forgotten (in my early stage of treatment, my parents were good for this). But yes, if the doctor does not know you’re hallucinating, that is huge. You stand to gain a lot of relief if the right medication can be found. Good luck, and if you want to talk, you can feel free to borrow my ear. :smiley:


I’m rooting for you… your a very strong person… any one who has to fight this illness and raise kids is amazingly strong.

But it’s OK to need a little help. I do hope you can bring someone along if that will help you let your doc know what’s going on.

Good luck and I hope you feel better very soon.


I wish you all the best with your appointment - Oh yes, you can bring someone with you to the appointment, it might ease things for you - know that when you are honest with your doctor, you can get good results

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She knows I hear voices. She doesn’t know what they say. But tomorrow she will know the voices want me to hang myself. And push ppl. Or lick them on the head. How sick isn’t that? I don’t even know where that comes from.

I would expect her to possibly probe a little deeper regarding the one that wants you to hang yourself. She may ask you if you ever feel compelled to do it. But, then too, she may not. All pdocs are different. You just might want to prepare for that. I also think that if any of them will cause you to receive more medication, it would be this voice.

I’m on 20 mg Abilify and 300 mg Quetiapin. Maybe I need more.

I have no idea, that’s beyond my knowledge. Above all, just be honest! :smiley:


Good luck Comatose!
You are going to do fine. It`s good that you wrote everything down. Just wondering-do you have to tell your pdoc about what the voices are saying? I agree with Alien on the one about hanging however.

Good idea to have it all wrote down, its much easier to hand over a piece of paper than to verbally say it.

I have to tell her because it causes so much anxiety. If I get rid of the voices I might get rid of the anxiety. Anxiety makes the voices worse.

But I’m terrified. I’m afraid they will know at work. They don’t know anything more than that I was away from work for two years when I had my episode.

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As long as you only tell people you know you can trust, they won’t know. Tell them anything you want. I am a firm believer in the truth but in instances like these its okay to lie.

Try not to to make it too outlandish. Any stories that involve you jumping from a burning helicopter or saving the President might be going to far.


I told her!!

I have gotten new sleep meds and we will increase Abilify.

It wasn’t so hard. It helped a lot that I had written down what I was going to say. I didn’t give her the letter, but I told her instead. It feels good that I finally opened up and told her about the male voices giving me anxiety. That they tell me to hang my self.


I’m so glad things went well for you! Hopefully now, that nasty voice won’t be bothering you and giving you anxiety anymore.

Hang in there and give the Abilify time to work.




I’m glad you opened up and just let it out… not having it build up and cause anxiety I think takes away some of the power from the voices.

I’m glad you’re getting something to sleep better.

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Hang in there, you are just having a rough spell. Medications can work like a charm, a sleeping charm. I drink a lot of caffeine. I myself don’t get nervous when I see the doctors, I feel like “Than Thor my crazy ass in in a ■■■■■■■ doctors office and not in prison right now”. I get nervous about school, like really nervous. Nothing else really gets to me, except for when I was kicked off a powerlifting team, that didnt do me any good. After I dated a lot of people and had a lot of sex when I was 20 I quit being nervous around people. Like what are they going to do, use terms of endearment and have sex with me or simply not be interested. Not very scary.

Good for you @Comatose I am glad it worked out for you! :smiley:

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Different things make us nervous and anxious. I never liked school, but I wasn’t nervous about it. But I only studied to gymnasium. Is that high school?