Not all L-theanine is the same

I switched l-theanine brands and was slowly going bananas. A couple of hours ago, I took some of my old brand, and had my sanity restored. I’m coming off benzos, so need all the help I can get.

My old brand is this :

The brand that didn’t work is this

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Hi, I don’t really know why but sometimes it might be due to how pure the l-theanine is. I buy mine in the UK from Health Span or at least shall in the future. Solgar produce them too but they are way too expensive for me…

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All e(Y)e Know is Since My Doctor Started Trusting Me and My Intentions , SHE PRESCRIBED PROPRANOLOL (!!!) … ,

Tis tha Best … ,

WHY You Ask (???) ,

Because it is ,


It looks like one dosage was 4 times greater than the other.

Well spotted. Yes, I take 4 capsules of the 100mg brand. The 4 capsules = 400mg and the difference really is night and day when compared to the one capsule containing 400mg.

It’s a pity, I tried the 400mg per capsule brand because it’s much cheaper and more convenient.

It could be because the 100mg brand contains more of the green-tea leaf, and the 400mg brand just contains pure l-theanine. Don’t know.

Edit: I started on 300mg, as I found 400mg too much to begin with.

I think I should be on benzo’s well I mean Ativan. I may ask for them. I don’t want them everyday, just for night’s like tonight. If I could just get a few a week for prn I would be happy. I keep triggering and I’ve already had a dosage increase, I don’t want to go any higher. I’m OK most of the time but reality is starting to dawn on me that I’m a lifer when it comes to this illness.

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I’ve got a PRN for Klonopin. I have to be very careful with it. I am grateful the doc gave it to me; but, it is highly addictive. For the most part 25 mg of benadryl every 4 hours when I’m not doing well seems to take care of the anxiety when things are breaking down. The Klonopin is for when things broke down.