Nose Piercing

My partner said he doesn’t usually like them but he likes mine. I ordered another nose stud after I threw all of mine away. Do you have any facial piercings ? Nose piercings are pretty common among us Indians but the youngsters have stopped liking them as much now


I have a silver ring on the side of my nose

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Too many women are getting nose piercings now.
It’s becoming the norm.

I got my nose pierced during my 20s when guys rarely got them.

I had to remove my nose ring because of infection.

Some women look really good with nose piercings but others not so much, it depends.

I think darker skinned females look better with a nose piercing than fair skinned females but that’s my opinion.

My brothers girlfriend has a pierced nose.


I don’t like piercings in general. Just an infection risk.

More interested in what’s going on in a woman’s mind.


I think piercings look nice but I have a fear of risk of metal traces continually going into my bloodstream. And infection.

I used to have 5 piercings I think on one side and 4 on the other of my ears. Or something like that.

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I’ve had 15 piercings.

Left ear twice, right once, both tragus, eyebrow twice, tongue once, both nipples, belly button twice, and the rest below the belt.

It was part addiction, part self indulgent harm. A few are ok, but I think I took mine too far.

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I got my nose pierced at 19. I don’t wear a nose ring anymore though

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I’m gonna get one when I recover from invega. (Im on Abilify now)

I find women with a ring or a stud in their nose looks nice.

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