Piercings... Do you have any? And should I get my nose pierced?

I have two piercings in each ear and I hardly wear earrings. I want to get my nose pierced but don’t know if it would suit me. Can I have your honest opinion? I stuck a sticker on my nose my mum and gran said it suited so should get it done but would appreciate your opinions.  I will attach a photo.

I have stretched lobes to 1/2 inch (12mm). I had my tongue pierced but had to take it out for work. I would like a septum (nose piercing), a lip piercing, and more ear piercings. I also have a few more piercings that are not visible.

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I am a guy and have 2 piercings (earings) on one ear lobe. In the past, a while ago, I had a nose ring, but it got infected so I had to take it out. I personally like piercings on guys but especially females - I think you would look good with a nose piercing, if that is your photo

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you would look good but as Wave said there is the danger of infection so in my opinion don’t do that.

@anon80629714 I was not trying to discourage you from getting a piercing. My nose piercing got infected because I have a feeling the woman who pierced me did not know what she was doing - this was my experience, there are many professional capable people that know what they are doing. Getting a piercing is like getting a tattoo in the sense that it is a very personal decision. If you do decide to get your nose pierced - do some researching and make sure the person piercing you is a professional with good credentials - good luck on whatever you decide

I have my nose done and I love it. I’ve had it for 2 years. I think it suits you well, you should get it done!

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Well if you want the attention it brings then I say go for it.

I think you would look good with one. If your going for a small stud and not a hoop.

I had a pierced left eye brow, but it kept making my goggles leak so I took it out. I have my ears pierced. Both of them. I had my lip pierced with a small hoop. It got in the way to I took that one out too.

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I have 7 piercings in my left ear, 5 piercings in my right ear, both nostrils pierced, my labret (the space between your lower lip and chin), and a monroe. I don’t wear them all after I had to take them out for surgery last year. I know it sounds like a lot but I would wear small studs so it looked good. If you decide to get one just make sure you clean it so it doesn’t get infected. The only thing that is a pain is changing the jewelry nose rings can be tricky and you sneeze a lot when you do it. I think you would look good with one. It would accentuate your beauty. Good luck to you.

I don’t have any.

Get it if you want, how would you know if you don’t want it unless you did it?

Did anyone ever see when steve-o pierced his ass cheeks together? Now thats a piercing!