Nose piercing ... yes or no?

Should I get rid of it now?

Get rid of nose piercing?

  • Yes
  • No

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thanks lol why did i not think of that.

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I know I’m old fashioned, but it grosses me out. Even tattoos gross me out. I see a tattoo and I think pr0n star. Piercings other than ear make me think of circus freaks. I know most employers in town won’t hire body modders unless they have no other options.


It’s not clear whether yes/no means yes/no to having a nose piercing, or yes/no to should you get rid of it

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as in should i get rid of it?

I’ve edited the post, thanks.

Nope …it looks good on u…
trust me…

Who wouldn’t want to look like a porn star? :upside_down:


what is wrong with a porn star :slight_smile:

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I already do, except that I look like Ron Jeremy. NOT cool.


I really want a septum piercing now. :grinning: You can take them out if they don’t end up looking good and then look normal again, right?

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most of the porn stars I fancy don’t have tattoos…

I think any image gets old over time… so it’s kind of a wasteful thing to do…

all the same… not a fan of facial piercings either…

ears are fine… that bull ring in the nose is really fug-gen unattractive to me. Naval piercings are cool.

Some girls get the studs in their nose and it’s like… is that a zit… wtf? oh its shiny… hmmm… why?

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hahahahaha you make me laugh @azley i do see your point though.

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Jeez Pixel, you’re more old fashioned than I am. Honestly most tattoos are a turnoff for me but piercings in a normal place I can deal with. You look fine. You’d look fine with or without.

I love body art but also don’t get why someone wouldn’t remove and cover professionally for an interview, and continue to remove/cover as appropriate based on the job environment. I’ve got an Ægishjálmur covering my chest but I’ve always worn very high-cut or even turtle neck shirts in interviews or under uniforms if needed, it’s never been a problem. I see it the same way as any other overall “company look” an employer is going for, like wanting uniforms or khaki pants or whatever. I wouldn’t wear my Rammstein shirt to an interview, either, but don’t think there is anything wrong with my shirt. It’s just the nature of job hunting, be as plain as possible.

You guys would think I’m ugly as hell then if you think piercings and tattoos are unattractive

I getcha. I have a tattoo in the middle of my chest, people just see it when I wear cleavages. A small one too.
Had a nose piercing but it fell off too many times and I eventually let it close.

I see no problem with piercings or tattoos, people do what they want to their bodies

I have a tattoo covering my leg and a tattoo on my back and I have my nose pierced and belly button pierced. I love tattoos and I agree people do what they want. I don’t think they’re ugly!

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I have tattoos, I like them on women also.

I had a nose ring when I was younger.

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