Piercings - bought these

Hopefully are tiny but I’m not sure I can pull off a nose ring


I’m getting my nose pierced next month. Did it hurt very much? I like your jewelry choices, BTW.

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:smiley: Can I ask why the wait ?

No it’s just a pinch coz it’s very quick. :smiley:

I wanted a nose ring but not sure it’s gonna fit

Well, I’m waiting cuz I can’t afford it til I get my monthly disability (I’m sure the govt would love knowing that’s what I’m buying with the good taxpayer’s money).
I’ve done all of my own piercings before but not too confident on doing my nose myself!

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I don’t recommend doing any piercings on your own and never get a nose piercing done with a gun.

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Where Are u piercing again ish…u have a nose ring right …

I used to have an earring in my left ear. I wore a small loop. I don’t wear it now but it was the in thing to do at the time. :smile:

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