Damn! I made a mistake

I got my nose pierced. In my culture / religion / tradition its normal to have it done. It’s as common and accepted as ear piercings are. Even my nan has it.

The problem is, I didn’t think ahead. I didn’t think that may be it would be considered unprofessional in the work environment. Although I love it to bits, I’m faced with a decision to remove it or put a tiny plaster over it which will look really stupid but at least I won’t get an infection for removing it so early.

I’m starting a new job tomorrow but it’s for three weeks (it is not technically new I’ve worked there a year ago on a contract).

I just messaged my manager to ask about the policy. I told her I would be willing to remove it or cover it with a plaster. I know she must think I’m stupid for asking such a stupid q.

Hmm… I’m not sure what I’m really asking here, I just wanted to share my frustration.

its ok, its not like you’ve got a bolt through your neck lol,


Some business’ are ok with facial piercings and some aren’t. I used to talk to my bosses about getting my eyebrow pierced and they always said no. Then they hired someone for reception, so the first person you see when entering the office, that had their monroe (between nose and mouth) done. Apparently it looked cute on her so was acceptable… Not really fair but I’m sure if I had gone ahead and had my eyebrow done it would not have affected my job.

My daughter has her tongue and her monroe and has had others done on her lips etc. I think she wears the plastic ones when needed for work. Perhaps the manager will be ok with it. I have been a manager and I don’t think this is a stupid question. I think it shows initiative and a willingness to see the companies point of view.

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Hi @anon80629714 I used to wear a nose piercing when I worked - I am also a guy with 2 piercings on one ear lobe, and I worked. Piercings and tattoos are pretty much part of our culture now - I would not concern yourself with it too much.
I do know that nose piercings are very much accepted in Eastern Cultures, I am pretty sure that bosses will totally understand this, I say flaunt your new piercing, after all it is jewelry - If you like your piercing then you did not make a mistake

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What a relief! I was definitely not the only one there with a nose piercing lol :smile: