Normies work weekdays, so im looking for weekend job!

trying to find a job where i get 16 hours a week, saturday and sunday. that keeps my weekdays free for other things i want to do. i don’t want to commute far, so putting in applications at 3 local casinos and also restaurant dishwasher. i don’t care if i only make $10 to $12 dollars an hour, the extra money will help me fix up my house slowly. and also im wanting to get a hair transplant haha. so will save up for that.

i hate weekends anyhow because i have so much free time with nothing to do. so going to go ahead and try to work weekends. i hope to be employed in a couple months time. im feeling up to it and ready for part time, but i’ll never go back to work full time i don’t think.

also i heard able account age limits may be raised, so if it does get raised and i qualify for one i will be able to invest my money and stay on medicaid.


so i plan to workout and get groceries and have my pdoct appts, shot of meds, etc on weekdays. also if i go back to work i will have to go to supported employment to report my wages. i would be happy with an extra $600 to $700 dollars a month in income.


The problem with working weekends is everyone is off and looking for something to do. That means jobs that you work on the weekend can be really busy, busier than during the week, and that means a lot more work and a lot more stress for the same pay as weekday workers.

I can’t speak to casinos but I have worked at several restaurants, as a dishwasher and cook, and weekends are orders of magnitude busier than during the week. And in a restaurant things have to move fast because customers want their food fast and hot and done just right. Even if you’re a dishwasher, the cooks need their pans cleaned quickly for the next meal, the salad guy needs bowls, and then there are the customers dishes too.

Restaurants are a high stress job, I’ll never work at another one again. The only good thing about it was I learned some food theory and how to cook for myself.


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