Maybe i'll work 3 days a week. instead of 2

3, 4 hour shifts at burger king or wherever haha. would you like to make it a combo meal? haha. my competition for getting the job is high school kids haha. nothing at the casino right now except blackjack dealers.

and i would only workout 4 days a week instead of 5.

i was thinking mornings or lunch shift. don’t want to work the late night shifts. the only reason im going back to work is to slowly fix up my property.

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or i could do 2, 6 hour shifts, and 1, 4 hour shift. for a total of 16 hours a week. i also want to buy a book a week to read, but other than that i don’t have a lot of plans for the extra money. i was thinking i would write dad a check each month for home improvements, he could invest it and when i have enough money saved up for a project, i would go ahead and get it done. if i have more than 2k i lose medicaid i think, i don’t want to buy a bunch of junk with my extra money as im not a tidy person.

the only day i can’t work is thursday because that is when i get my meds and have pdoc appts.

I would like to work 3 shifts a week. My shifts are scheduled for 7 hours, but usually I am done my job in 6 hours.

The problem is my insomnia is killing me so I cut down to 1 shift a week. I still make over $100/shift so even working 1 day a week brings in an extra $400-$500 a month.

Once (If) I get back into a better sleep routine I plan to increase the amount of shifts I work.

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