Normals always trying to silence mental illness

most people in the group of circles like to keep things hush hush anywaybut the stereotype normal but I’m worried for him too just absolutely cannot stand to talk about mental illness in hopes that they are not the one with the office however there are few choose just playfully throw it under the rug and be done with it .however this may cause a greater problemsomeone was urgent care made in fact not make it looking into the reasons why almost consider does not equalis another factor into this we can be quite smart at times a quite time adult person can we either be quite smart just playing dumb there is a bother much ugh give it a cruise over there you understand the human species there is much better you have something beneficial and productive then do have something stale and stagnantmost people understand this these are parts of the brain that are not affected


unsure if this is precisely what you mean, but in case it is:

i feel oftentimes that as people we define ourselves not just by what we “ARE” but as much by what we “ARE NOT” and have found myself defined as the “NOT” by many. if i am “other” than they are community and group and ok. if i am insane, then they are sane. i think often people will define themselves not just by observing difference, but by marking the difference as other and terrible and then try to feel secure. but then that’s ignorance and silencing because they don’t want to hear that at the end of the day we’re the same species really. there has to be a way for them to disregard or dismiss or ignore for them to define themselves in a palatable-to-them way.

just my perspective. i’m sorry if you feel silenced or that people aren’t valuing your intellect and contributions. i believe you have many. take care

it used to be the way it was never spoken about was why auntie jen was in an asylum or when granny had a nervous breakdown. it wasn’t talked about but now things are much better but some people are just stupid.

We often have a feeling like we’ve got something to show for our differences.

Maybe it all doesn’t have to mean anything. Maybe we’re all just different, and that’s it.