I'm starting to dislike

People who identify as normal. I’m sick of people assuming I’m dangerous because of my mental health. I’m ending things with a girl because she is afraid of me. She tried to understand, but we are at the point of you either get it or dont and now it’s getting offensive. “Can I not see you when you’re psychotic?” How about you dont see me at all.

I want to start a community of people who are of like minds. All races would be welcome, any gender, any sexual orientation and anyone from any religion is also welcome, but you cant be a normie.

I know I should try to understand where they are coming from and I know it’s out of ignorance, but the simple fact is that I’m getting sick of explaining myself, as if I should have to. I’m sick of being judged as being dangerous and not safe. I’m the least dangerous person I know. Most of all I’m sick of getting asked offensive questions like “how do we know you’re going to stay on your meds and wont go crazy?”

I used to be like them, before I got sick. I was very judgmental. Without trying to sound delusional I feel like this illness has enlightened me somewhat. I feel that I’m not as judgmental as I used to be and I’m a lot more accepting… except for normies, they just scare me. I know that fear is just perpetuating a vicious cycle, but I dont know how else to feel.



My ex girlfriend used to be scared of me because I was diagnosed sza. (She was bipolar at the time). Then, she was diagnosed sza. Then, she changed her tune. Now, her own daughter is afraid of her now because she is diagnosed sza.

My son used to make fun of me because I was sza. Then, he got diagnosed with paranoid sz. That changed his tune.


That’s a hard way to learn a lesson. I’m sorry you were judged and made fun of.

I wonder if mental illness is something you only understand if you’ve gone through it or studied it a lot.

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Yes, i feel i kind of drifted away from normies somewhere. Around age 3 or so. :wink: At first i tried so hard to fit in. Then i got too crazy to care. And now im trying to find a balance between acting normal and being myself. There is this forever subtle disconnect though. I dont feel them, most of them. They dont get me, when im sharing my real life. Our worlds are just too far apart. :frowning:

Sometimes i feel normal. But that needs some distance to normal people (of anyone is even really normal). Neighbours, distant colleagues, family i dont meet often. I dont think i could have a relationship with someone who has always had a “normal” life, or a close friendship.


I believe that mental illness is something you can only understand if you have gone through it or have studied it a lot, you are right @Later_Gator.

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I’ve had romantic relationships and friendships with normies. But, that was an awful long time ago. The last romantic relationship I had with a normie was back in 1996. It ended that year. For it to work, they have to love me an awful lot to put up with all my mental illness sh-t.


I did as well…ages ago. The normies i have friendships or relationships with now, or even the colleagues i most love, are secretly not normies at all. :slight_smile:

They are gifted, borderline adhd, very creative and from a family with “bipolars”, married to someone with mental illness or add, etc. I just cant seem to avoid them. :slight_smile:

Also, yes, dealing with me needs loads of love and patience.


You might like the friends you can make at a Clubhouse. No one is “normal” there, and no one judges you there. I liked it when I was going to one.


I’ve been thinking about switching my care to the county mental health clinic because they have a club house. Thanks for the suggestion.

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I get what you mean about needing a lot of love and patience, I think I need more than average of both of those. I also think we deserve it. We are all good people here. We deserve to love and be loved, without scrutiny.


YES!!! @anon73478309. All the so called “normies” that I have been with in the past, have all been suspiciously abnormal:

My ex-husband had “schizophrenia” written on one of his medical records. One of my lovers was taking Lithobid. Another of my lovers was a recovering alcoholic. Another one smashed in all my television set screens and my two car windshields in with a hammer. I don’t know what her problem was. One person said sz. My best friend for years had an extremely bad anxiety and panic disorder. My last lover had sza.

Just a heads up about the clubhouse. Some people are very sick. Some people are much more stable on their meds and able to socialize. You’ll see it all there.

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I dislike anybody no matter what the label is when they only see me as a label and not a person.


Do you know WHY you attract these people?

I always wondered if normal people avoided me first, or me them,or if nobody is really normal from up close.

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Yes, i think so…i think we can love and be loved. By the right person. The other person needs to see through the labels and prejudices though and not whine about stupid little things that are different. Without that, it is pointless.

But when i talk purely about myself, i also think i need to work hard on being a good enough person to be in a relationship/friendship with. I havent always been so.

ummm that community already exists. its right here on this forum. lol

as for dating if your looking for someone who understands they need to of likely dealt/dealing with mental illness themselves.

No, I don’t know why I attract them. All I know is that I attract them like flies.

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