Normal is a delusion

there is no normal
it is just a cultural agreed upon delusion

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oh yeah someone will steal that quote and make money no its mine i get the credit

It is true to some extent. Quick patent it!

It’s a normal delusion.

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I find the whole criteria for a delusion being based upon culturally accepted norms pretty crazy. During my first hospitalisation there was an African girl there who said back in Nigeria she wouldn’t be considered mentally ill. She was probably right.

So illness being dependent on time zone is a weird situation.

So, in theory, we can travel to different locations and be considered normal, like a vacation, we could time travel to the mental illness free zone, wonder if they do custom checks

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Maybe I am wrong but I think that is the way it works

I want to make it clear that I am pro psychiatry and pro meds. Just seems a bit ambiguous when the criteria for delusions depends on the individuals cultural accepted norms.

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