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Seek normality and empower it. Try to live in it.


So please explain this normality! What exactly is normal?

If you’ve had a normal childhood then you might be able to recall it. Luckily for me I’ve got 23 years reference of what things should be like. If not you only have to try and imagine what others people’s minds are like. It will help you develop insight.

It’s simple, it’s innocent, it’s not delusional. No hallucinations or cognitive interjections.

The only way to get a response from something is by using your mouth. The world feels more physical then it does mental.

Imagine how you want things to be for yourself. You have the power to make that a reality.

I’m wondering if I’m coming of as a troll atm. Sorry if it seems like it but the what is normal question has eluded me for ages. My dictionary defines normal as free from mental or physical illness but I’ve got no idea how we really define mental illness.

The title or diagnosis means nothing as many do seem to flourish with or without one. So the question of acting normal but what is normal when 1 in 4 suffer from a mental illness? My own logic just says the other 3/4 just haven’t been diagnosed with something. So being normal is the impossible goal.

Being normal can also be just conforming to the social group. As normal on this site is being mental ill. I’d prefer to be an individual person then going through all the conforming. Even if that costs me my sanity.

Sorry I’m rambling and completely lost. I’ll leave it at that.

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Normal people have all sorts of troubles to. If you develop enough insight you can surpass that. Really though you have to define the ideal for yourself. Most people probably just let their brain do what it wants and consider it normal until they get a diagnostic label thrown on them. A few(which could still be a lot of people) try to get a mental image of how the ideal mind is supposed to work and strive for it.

Gotta use your imagination. Or your ability to envision things. Try to capture what you want your brain to be like. Be modest make it attainable. Keep the image with you and try to live it.

You don’t sound like a troll at all.

I get the most people have mental illness but haven’t been diagnosed perspective… I do entertain it but most of the people I know are very sharp and well thought out. It might be true in a minor sense but for the most part these people know how to live and that’s the important part.

Hmm isn’t letting my mind defining what is normal what has got me into this problem in the first place? I guess that’s my main problem on it…Trusting myself again. Even in my most stable periods there is still a lot of questioning my sanity.


You should always work on growing your grasp on reality.

Gotta be as realistic as possible.

If you feel ill equipped just spend some time rethinking things.

You’re definitely smarter than a monkey and they seem to do alright.

Be simple dude. Use your five classical senses. It’s all you need to see the world for what it is.

Being a realist never worked out for me. I was once so tied up in how real I sounded I would be terrified of lying almost to a ocd like obsession. Every word that came out of my mouth would be instantly doubted and questioned as if every time I talk I’m somehow building on to this huge lie that once people find out, everybody would hate me.

normality i would think to be , without severe mental illness

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Still it was a good question. Kind of completes the original post.

Kind of a no brainer though.(Maybe not for people who have mental illness)