Non passionate smell approach

If your sza like me thethen your conditioned to be a survivor and to learn to cope with each new day. I dont care how good the meds work we still realize at the end of the day are diagnosis is SZA.

What technique that is done without medication that helped me the best was… before I say it don’t call me crazy or anything in fact we all are sometimes to some degree. Well since your ready for it. It is called taking the non passionate way of life.

Just being comfortable with yourself and surroundings in a way that is not passionate.

Slow your breathing thus enabling you to develop clearer thought. Sense the world around you with your sense of smell more. Brather in through your nose when you look up at someone. It communicates in its own way.

I realized some people simply do not care and that is how they, get by. I admit I love life being in tune passionate about topics.

But when I step back and with a non passionate view, take care of me. Things flow a lot easier.

Along with meds I’d say this approach to life calms stress, let’s bygones be bygones, allows you to take the high road.

Winter is coming in, I look at the sky. Inhale in. Search your life as if you were illness free filtering out all the miniscule passions you once had.

If there ever is a feeling of being normal this is it. Other people will seem weird.

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That sounds exactly how I find my center of contentment.

Meditate to get to the center of calm… accept the self… accept the surroundings…

It was hard getting familiar with contentment… after being flattened…

Glad you fond some peace with in yourself.

There are some waves you just have to let pass… you don’t want to ride all of them.

hakuna matata fellow traveler.


Nice I do this as well. I just look outside breathe and look up and outward, and just be in the moment


Very wise advice.