Mindfulness 🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌

I’m finding this a useful tool and so have others from what I’ve heard on here like from β€œnotmoses”. What are your thoughts and opinions?

I employ two tactics mainly. We’ll three I guess.

The blank state: Clear the mind and keep it clear. Forget the past and the world, don’t worry about the future.

The drift: Just let it go. Lay down close the eyes be unafraid. It’s good for seeing where the mind goes and even desensitizing and disconnecting from a lot of subconscious botheration.

Grounding, focusing on the moment, distracting the self from the inner world and become more of a physical/social actor in the external environment.

Unraveling SZ will take a lot more than that though, and that is different for everyone.


I like the grounding, focusing, becoming more in external factor. Good stuff. It is different for everyone. We are our best doctors .

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Best advice ive heard all day.

That’s what I’ve derived for myself to keep me comfortable. Alternating between the three.

There is a lot to gain from analyzing the hallucinations and how they are triggered or what their nature is.

I still voices kind of… it’s like the auditory haze at times that’s sitting just behind my field of view.

When regarding telepathy… I had to play the game that it was real and good enough at it that I could relax and start to let it go. It’s like a self imposed unnatural standard. It allows me to feel very clean though.

I hate thinking these people are reading my mind, but it still kind of feels cool. I don’t have a choice in my experience for now so I might as well enjoy the parts of it I can. Like straight up ignoring. Took forever to just let hallucinations come and go without my mind trying to defend itself.

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Spot on. This is something I began to do naturally before I even knew it was a thing…

Mindfulness keeps me much more grounded…

I have a hard time with depersonalization and floating out of body…

mindfulness has helped me start to get a handle on that.

It’s a great coping tool of a lot of other glitches like a paranoia spike.

Mindfulness is EVERYTHING.

Everything from getting OUT of Psychosis to achieving reality…YOU NAME IT.