No smoking on the weekends

It’s going well. I always doubt that I’ll pull it off again. Here I am though, hour 35. Already a full day without a cigarette behind me. Got another one ahead of me before I got back into work.


Think of all the money you can save if you quit totally ! :moneybag:

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I know bro… I know…

It’s just weird though… most all of me is past the habit… but I’m sitting here and it’s like my heart itself is depressed.

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Could you try vaping instead?

The flavours are lot nicer with vaping!

Agreed… but I’ve gone down that road and I was just vaping constantly.

At this point my body has no active nicotine and my blood stream is clean. So it’s just learning to live in this state and let the body forget there used to be another way.

Seriously though. It’s the damn heart. Thing is addicted to it itself and won’t go full speed unless it’s getting triggered by the nicotine. It’s the only thing left reminding me and just stuck sitting in it.

I wish you the best. Im giving quitting a shot on wednesday.

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Have you heard of smokeless cigarettes ? No nicotine. No smoke. Weigh the same as a cigarette and taste good so the habit part is easier to deal with. I’m giving it a try

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You mean the electronic kind?

I’m good. I mean… if I had all the time in the world to keep the stress off and not work around smokers than I’d have been done with this long ago.

It’s hard to maintain motivation 3 days in… You’ve already won the battle and there are cigs all around. Suddenly you just feel strong enough in the face of them to let them back in and delay the actual final cessation.

Not electronic. But I hope you and I both win the battle.

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Oh yeah. Thank you and good luck

Have you tried accepting the Lord Jesus Christmas (spellcheck did that. Leaving it.) as your personal savior? No, I’m kidding… Kind of.

I mean get obsessed about something else temporarily. An rpg game. A book series. Baking the perfect banana bread loaf. It will help the mental addiction.

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I bake pretty decent banana cinnamon muffins lol. Clonazepam has helped in the past to get through wicked cravings but I only have enough for two a day. Probably not the best solution. Lol