No responses

It hurts when I don’t get any responses. I mean I feel so ignored. And that isn’t your problem. I just really wanted to chat with someone like me with schizophrenia. I guess I can go talk on the phone to somebody different but they aren’t schizo. I’m afraid the town is going to have me removed. They don’t want me here.

Are you planning on getting rid of me here?

I will chat with you. No one wants you gone. Sometimes posts get lost in the shuffle.

talk away hunni. haven’t been on for a while as not been too well. we can chat about whatever u want. i may not answer tonight as it’s 1.30am in the uk but i’ll answer u tomorrow for sure. u having problems right now? xxx

no one is trying to get rid of anyone, i am sorry if i missed any posts of yours.
i enjoy reading posts, i am a bit ocd that way.
please do not feel anyone on here is ignoring you because that is not true.
we all have our good and bad days.
know that i care.
take care


Sorry you were ignored. I hate that feeling too. No one wants you gone, though. Sorry if I didn’t answer one of your posts. I read a lot of posts, but I don’t always respond as I don’t always have something to say. Hope you feel better soon.

I feel like that all the time! I don’t want u to go and would love to talk. But when I text people and they don’t respond I go nuts thinking so much about how they must not like me etc etc.

Noone is trying to get rid of you. It happens I don’t get response too when I write something. I believe when ppl post a lot at the same time some posts might “get lost” in the chatter. Sometimes I read a subject and can’t reply at once and then I can’t find it again because I forgot the name of the thread.

I can talk to you if you want.

I would bet good money that no one is deliberately ignoring you. We all often get lost in the shuffle. You are as welcome on here as anybody else. I have MANY posts where no one answered. Or maybe just one or two people. I checked out your profile. You’re not being ignored entirely!

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No one is planing on getting rid of you here. You are welcome here.

There are two ways to reply to posts or threads. One where you click on reply right under what the person wrote and this will show up in your notifications. But if someone replies to the thread or uses the reply at the bottom then it may not show up in your notifications. It doesn’t mean people are ignoring you. As you join in more conversations then hopefully you will not feel so ignored.

I understand that feeling, posting and receiving responses is not as easy as it seems.

I’ve never come up with the idea of wanting to get rid of u! But Im overstimulated this few days im trying to calm down a bit and make myself sleep again. Let’s chat more next week!

I’ll respond and say hi anytime.

Sometimes I put up a ponder and when people do respond, I’m pretty surprised.

Then other times I’ll put up a direct question and no one will respond… I’m surprised again.

But as long as I’m surprised, then I’m in my normal state being.

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Wow! Thank you so much everyone. I never expected such a response. My heart is thumping and pumping with joy. Love and Peace to you all. Sometimes I wouldn’t want to respond to myself because I don’t feel good about what I say.

Thanks again I keep posting no matter what.